Grantham University’s Purple Heart Designation2019 is already shaping up to be a banner year for the Grantham family of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. In January, we were excited to announce new degree programs in business administration and paralegal studies that are available starting March 2019. Today, we’re celebrating our recent designation as a Purple Heart University, which recognizes Grantham for its commitment to the military veteran community.

A Legacy of Serving Those Who Serve.

Donald Grantham, the founder of Grantham University, was a World War II Veteran who recognized the immense value of the G.I. Bill of Rights and its education benefits. Holding the belief that education is vital in enriching the lives of veterans, Donald established Grantham University in 1951, serving veterans and military families through distance learning to improve their quality of life.

Since then, Grantham University has evolved its course offerings to meet the career paths of all adult learners while honoring its commitment to serve those who serve. With one of the lowest tuition rates in the country and more than 50 undergraduate and graduate certificates and degree programs, Grantham offers additional tuition incentives for military service members, first responders, civil servants, and their families – including waived textbook and technical fees.

The Purple Heart University Designation.

“The Military Order of the Purple Heart is honored and proud to recognize Grantham University as a Purple Heart University,” said Walt Schley, Commander, Chapter 115, Military Order of the Purple Heart. “We found the support for veterans at Grantham University is immense and sincere. The purple heart recognition of Grantham University is a testament to their work to create and maintain a university that is supportive and accessible for all military members, both during and after they serve.”

With this recognition, Grantham University will continue to create a culture of learning excellence for military students by helping them achieve their dreams through quality education and career preparation.

What is the Purple Heart Award?

The Purple Heart medal is awarded to military service members who have been wounded or killed as a result of enemy action while serving the U.S. military. As the oldest military award still presented to service members, it was first introduced as the “Badge of Military Merit” by (then) General George Washington in 1782.

What is the Military Order of the Purple Heart?

The organization now known as the “Military Order of the Purple Heart” (MOPH) was formed in 1932 for the protection and mutual interest of all combat wounded veterans and active duty men and women who have received the decoration. Chartered by the U.S. Congress, the MOPH is unique among veteran service organizations in that all its members were wounded in combat. For this sacrifice, they were awarded the Purple Heart Medal. With grants from the MOPH Service Foundation, the MOPH and its Ladies Auxiliary promote patriotism, fraternalism and the preservation of America’s military history. Most importantly, through veteran service, it provides comfort and assistance to all veterans and their families, especially those requiring claims assistance with the VA, those who are homeless and those requiring employment assistance.

With this new recognition, Grantham University is eager to continue its support of military servicemen and women, helping them expand their knowledge and create prosperous career opportunities for themselves and their families.

Are you an active duty military person, veteran or military spouse interested in learning more about Grantham University? Connect with Grantham now. We have dedicated representatives - many who are military themselves - who can help you navigate your military benefits and earn your degree. Get started today.