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How to Analyze a Job Description (Podcast)
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Technology has made applying for future job opportunities easier and more challenging at the same time. For many job seekers, the old method of applying for that open position with the same resume used for every other job application, just isn’t cutting it anymore. Many companies what to see that you possess the skills, both hard and soft, that match the core competencies for that specific role. Recruiters now use various tracking systems that filter and search for specific key words. So while technology has made it easier to find and apply for new career opportunities, you need to be strategic and put your best foot forward.

In this podcast, the Grantham University career services team talks about the advantages of tailoring your resume to the job you are applying for. If you are sending your resume out for jobs you are qualified for, but still not getting responses or the response you hope for, it is time to listen up! We can help you showcase your best attributes and work experience in a way that will appeal to companies. Here are just a few highlights on what we cover in this podcast.

  1. Conducting a job posting analysis
  2. Crafting your resume to highlight your passions and personality
  3. Using provided details to your advantage

Now that you’re armed with tips to tailor your resume for the job you want and top your competition, it’s time to start your job search! And if you still need to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree to highlight on your resume, contact Grantham University today. We offer more than 50 in-demand programs you can earn entirely online, on your schedule.

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Shauna Lawrence is a project manager on Grantham University’s marketing team. As the university’s former social media strategist, Shauna has a passion for connecting with others and building a sense of community among all Grantham stakeholders. She holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and marketing from Kansas State University and is currently working on her MBA at Grantham University.