How to Reduce College Costs With Scholarships, Grants and MoreFor many, cost is a determining factor in the decision to go to college. While it is an investment — in you and your family’s future — there are ways to lighten the financial load. Scholarships and grants can be great options to help you pay for tuition and other college-related expenses. Grantham can help you find and apply for opportunities for which you may qualify.

In addition to having one of the lowest tuition rates, Grantham offers scholarships, which we outline below. Financial aid options range from unique scholarships for all types of students to federal grants, as well as federal and private loans. Read on to learn more about the scholarships and other financial aid that may be available to you, and contact Grantham to discuss your options.

Grantham Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Commander Everett Alvarez, Jr. Resilience Scholarship

Commander Everett Alvarez, Jr. honorably served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, including over eight years as a POW. His courage and resilience are proof that you can overcome extreme obstacles with the right mindset and determination. Members of the Armed Forces who are using military tuition assistance (TA) as their only funding source can apply for this scholarship, which is offered exclusively at Grantham and worth up to $1,000 per year toward their educational expenses.

  1. Grantham Scholarship for the National Organization of Blacks in Government (BIG)

BIG has partnered with Grantham to further its mission: to help African-American students succeed during college and after graduation. Members of BIG can apply for this scholarship, which is valued up to $39,471 and covers the cost of Grantham’s tuition, textbooks, software and fees. Visit our website for a full list of requirements.

  1. Dr. Susan Fairchild Nursing Scholarship

Dr. Susan Fairchild developed Grantham’s nursing programs, after 30-plus years of working as an instructor at the university and authoring two nursing textbooks. This scholarship (valued up to $2,040) is offered to two nursing students every year to assist with their expenses in Grantham’s RN to BSN or RN to MSN preparatory nursing programs.

  1. Eugene “Gene” Jewett Memorial Scholarship

Eugene Jewett was an early proponent of online education and a Grantham University Board member. Through his memorial scholarship, students who enroll in a degree program at Grantham’s Mark Skousen School of Business may be eligible to receive up to $39,471 for educational expenses and fees.

Popular Scholarships for Every Career Path

Outside of Grantham, there are scholarships available through various organizations, businesses and individuals. No matter which degree program you choose, there are likely opportunities that match your focus.

MBA students who are also military veterans may qualify for Military MBA's Merit Scholarships. Students enrolled in our College of Nursing and Allied Health may look into the TYLENOL® Future Care Scholarship. Criminal justice students may apply for the Brian Terry Foundation scholarship, which memorializes the service of fallen border patrol agent Brian A. Terry. For minority students enrolled in a business or engineering program, General Electric offers $5,000 in annual scholarships for students to apply toward their tuition and fees.

5 Unique College Scholarships

It can pay off to do a little research. These obscure (and kind of strange) scholarships and grants are awarded to students with ultra-specific backgrounds and career goals. If not in this short list, there’s likely a unique scholarship just for you out there.

  1. Two Ten Higher Education Scholarships

Do you have at least two years of experience working in the footwear industry? If so, you may qualify for this scholarship award, up to $3,000. Eligible applicants can apply the funds toward an undergraduate, graduate or nursing program. Both full- and part-time students may apply and renew this scholarship for a maximum of four years.

2. STARFLEET Scholarships

Are you a Trekkie with an active membership in STARFLEET, the international organization for Star Trek fans all over the world? Every year, STARFLEET awards scholarships up to $1,000 for students pursuing careers in a variety of professional areas, including business, science and technology, the arts, and more.

3. (ISC)2 Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships

Women who want to pursue careers in cybersecurity should look at this exciting scholarship opportunity. Each year, up to 10 women with aspirations in the field are eligible to receive $1,000–$6,000 in funds toward their undergraduate or graduate degree. With cybersecurity careers expected to grow four times the national average by 2026, this unique scholarship should be one of the first you apply to, if you meet the requirements.

4. Tall Clubs International Scholarship

Are you a tall person who wonders if your height could help you qualify for a scholarship? OK, probably not, but there is an opportunity you should check out. Tall Clubs International Foundation sponsors this unique scholarship opportunity for female students who are taller than 5’10” and male students who are taller than 6’2”. Each award is worth up to $1,000 for students entering their first year of college.

5. Asparagus Club Scholarship

You have probably never heard of the Asparagus Club, which was created to support independent grocery retailers and related organizations. This award could be worth $2,000 for students pursuing degrees in business, food management and other relevant areas in the independent retail grocery industry.

Federal and Private Student Grants and Loans

In addition to scholarships, you may consider federal or private assistance. The federal government offers four main grant programs. The federal Pell Grant is the most commonly used option for students aiming to complete their undergraduate degrees. This award can be worth up to $6,095 for the 2019 school year. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity (FSEO) grant  is available for students who demonstrate financial need, with a value of up to $4,000 per year at participating schools. The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grant is reserved for students entering a high-need field at the elementary or secondary education level. Lastly, the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is allocated for students whose parents were casualties in either of these overseas conflicts.

For students who may not qualify for grants, federal and private loans can be a sensible approach to paying for school. Typically, students should seek federal loans before applying for private loan options. Federal loans have perks such as fixed interest rates and income-based repayment options, which many private loans do not offer. Plus, if you enter certain careers, at least part of your federal loan may qualify for forgiveness, which can greatly reduce the amount you owe when you complete your education. Before you start the federal financial aid process, learn more about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and how filing may benefit you.

Learn More About Your Scholarship Options

Today’s students have more options than ever for financial assistance, and with some research, you can find scholarship and grant opportunities that could potentially save you thousands of dollars in educational expenses. Don’t forget to also look for scholarships outside of the traditional, university-offered options. After all, each student has their own unique circumstances, goals and path toward professional success. Before you jump into the sometimes confusing process, talk to the financial aid advisors at Grantham. We’re here to help make your education as affordable as possible.