william wrightHigher education isn’t limited to an age group. At Grantham University, we use the power and convenience of the internet to provide different types of people — from different life situations and ages — the opportunity to pursue a degree at their own pace. Whether that student is a stay-at-home mom or a veteran transitioning back to civilian life, online learning can help adult learners reach their career goals without committing to a brick-and-mortar classroom education.

For adult learners, like Grantham alumnus William Wright, online education provided an opportunity to achieve an important goal in life. We had a chance to learn more about Wright’s experience as a Grantham student and how he was able to accomplish his goals.
Grantham University: What made you pick Grantham?
William Wright: Grantham was a school that was highly recommended by fellow military members, especially when it came to military members who might be deployed often.
GU: What were you feeling prior to starting the program and why?
WW: I was very unsure and very nervous. I did not think I would make it.
GU: Once you started the program, how did you feel and what made you feel that way?
WW: Once I began my program, I was made to feel at ease with the support from the staff and my student advisor, as well as the admissions representative who helped me register. If I could not directly contact someone for assistance, there was always someone there to help me get to the person I needed.
GU: What did you like best about Grantham University?
WW: The thing I liked best was how hard the staff worked to help solve a problem. What I liked best about my degree plan was how it could be tailored for more than one concentration.
GU: Describe the support you received from the faculty and staff at Grantham. Is there anyone specific who was particularly helpful?
WW: The staff was very helpful during the extended time it took me to get my degree. [Everyone] I communicated with was very helpful. I would like to highlight all of them. They all treated me like I was the only person they were working with, despite their heavy work load.
GU: How did you stay motivated to complete your degree?
WW: The way I stayed motivated was by the calls I [received from] the staff making sure we could work out a schedule … so that I would be successful, as well as keep the timeline I had set for myself.
GU: What is your proudest accomplishment?
WW: The proudest accomplishment for me was graduation in August 2016. I turned 50 in December, and I wanted to complete my degree before I turned 50.
GU: How did your degree from Grantham help you accomplish your goals?
WW: The way my degree helped me accomplish my goals is that [in the past], many jobs would tell me I had experience but not the education requirements. Therefore, attaining a bachelor's degree changed my qualifications.
GU: Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about going back to school?
WW: Do not let fear or age stop you [from] achieving your goals, and if you have to take a short break, never give up. Or, just take one class at a time if you have to.
GU: What are you most passionate about? What drives you in life?
WW: I am most passionate about helping others. The thing that drives me is knowing that with hope and resilience you can accomplish anything.
GU: What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
WW: I can talk to anyone from anywhere or any walk of life. Also, my desire to learn is an interesting quality of mine.
GU: If someone were to tell your story, what would you want them to know about you?
WW: I do not judge anyone but encourage people to find what truly makes [them] happy.
GU: Do you have a tip that could help current Grantham students?
WW: First, work on projects daily. When you find yourself losing focus, walk away from the work for a few minutes. Never be afraid to say “I don't understand what I'm doing.”
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