5 Easy Mistakes to Avoid on your ResumeThe following post is Part 1 of our new Career Launch blog series. As we near the end of the year, and consider New Year's resolutions, many of you may be considering a job change or looking for ways to advance your career. These career-focused posts will help you improve your resume, make social media work for you and show you how to transform your current position into your dream job.

So, you searched far and wide for your next great career opportunity. You spent hours, days, weeks, even months trying to find a job that will make you happy … and now you’ve finally found it and applied! Yet, much time has passed and human resources has not offered you an interview. You start to wonder if they’ve even read your resume.

Perhaps you even applied to multiple jobs with little to no response. It’s not a situation job seekers want to find themselves in, but it is very common. The good news is Grantham University’s new Career Launch program can help turn your luck around with tips to fine-tune and polish your resume to get the results you deserve! In the meantime, check out some of the common mistakes you may have made on that resume …

Mistake # 1 – You Failed to Proofread

Nothing sours a recruiter or hiring manager on a prospective candidate quicker than a typo, spelling error, or grammatically incorrect sentence. If a candidate cannot show enough attention to detail to ensure their resume is correct, can they ever be trusted to produce work that must be done right the first time?

By signing up for Grantham’s Career Launch program, we will not only help you carefully draft your resume, we’ll also proofread it to provide you with a second (and even third) set of eyes to make sure the copy is correct, clear and clean.

Mistake # 2 – You Stated Your Objective … but What about Your Brand?

Does this phrase sound familiar: “To attain a responsible position in a financially stable, healthy organization that offers future promotional opportunity and a competitive compensation package”? In the past, these introductions were often used to announce a candidate’s objective – stating what he/she wanted in a potential employment relationship. In today’s job market, it is important that this space be used instead as a “Branding Statement” or “Professional Summary” – explaining the value you will bring to the employer.

Career Launch shows you how to connect your capabilities with the employer’s needs. Our Career Services Coordinators can help you assemble a Master Branding Statement that reflects a composite of your knowledge, skills and abilities – as well as help you tailor a branding statement for a specific job.

Mistake # 3 – Your Honesty and Integrity May Have Been Questioned

Without a doubt, we always want to ensure we conduct ourselves with absolute integrity. This should be the foundation of who we are, which will serve us well as we grow our professional careers. Candidates who embellish or exaggerate their resumes risk failure on the job because they have oversold their qualifications and cannot deliver on what they promised. Falsifying employment information may lead to termination and irreparable damage to one’s reputation.

Remember, creating a winning resume is not about doctoring up something so you appear to be the best candidate “on paper.” It is about capturing the true essence of your actual capabilities and accomplishments so that the hiring organization recognizes you as the best candidate. Through Career Launch, we’ll show you how to choose words carefully and how to speak the language of the hiring organization. You want your resume to be true, but also easily understood by recruiters and hiring managers.

Mistake # 4 – You Didn’t Customize Your Resume

When job seekers apply for multiple positions with various companies, it is very common for them to use the same resume for each application. One may think of it as a numbers game (“If I send out enough resumes, eventually one will stick.”). While this “spray and pray” method may be fast and convenient, it will most likely not get you the job you are seeking.

The most effective resumes are custom-tailored to the job or career you seek. Start by creating a master resume. Master resumes should be compiled using any and all information that could potentially appear on a customized resume. In the Career Launch program, you’ll learn how to create a resume “mothership” from which you can draw information any time you need a particular tailored resume.

Mistake # 5 – You Didn’t Show Your Value

When listing work experience on your resume, one of the biggest mistakes people make is writing job descriptions that look too much like, well … job descriptions. Too often, job seekers focus heavily on the duties and responsibilities of their previous roles when they really should concentrate on how they added value to the roles. This is your opportunity to not only show what you have achieved and how it applies to a potential employer, but also to impress upon a company that you are achievement-oriented. Grantham’s Career Services Coordinators can, via Career Launch, work closely with you to show employers how you made a difference in your previous job.

It’s been said you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When building your career and going after the jobs you desire, it all starts with understanding the keys to creating a winning resume companies will notice.

But the process doesn’t end with your resume. That’s why Grantham’s Career Services Team is excited to bring you Career Launch! This comprehensive career transition program not only shows you how to create a resume that gets results, but how master job interviews, network like a pro, navigate successful salary negotiation, and so much more. Interested? Then register today!

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Jeromey Bell has been with Grantham University for eight years, where he currently serves as Career Services Manager. He oversees the development of programs and events to help students and alumni sharpen their career management skills, preparing them for professional success upon and beyond graduation. Jeromey is also a certified Predictive Index Analyst, and a member of the Kansas City Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management.

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Jeromey Bell has devoted 10+ years to the career advancement and success of Grantham University students. As Grantham’s associate director of talent development and career services, he has a genuine passion for improving the lives of others. Jeromey holds a bachelor’s degree in multidisciplinary studies from Grantham.