Lindsey Streeter

Each year, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) brings together the best of the best in distance education for its annual conference. As a leader in online education, Grantham University was proud to be involved in the event, which has reached its 91st year and was held in San Antonio on April 23-25.

The conference honors students, staff and faculty members who have played an integral role in the success of distance education. The DEAC 91st Annual Conference also highlighted important innovations that have improved the accessibility and effectiveness of online learning, and featured a keynote presentation from Associate Vice Chancellor of Mobilization and Emerging Technology for the Tennessee Board of Regents, Dr. Robbie Melton.

For the individuals honored at this event, their journeys in education are all unique. And this year’s DEAC Outstanding Grad honoree, Grantham alumnus Lindsey Streeter, was no exception. True to Grantham’s tradition, Streeter was a student with a strong military background. In his more than 30 years of service in the U.S. Army, Streeter’s ability to be known as “outstanding” began long before he started his journey in distance education.

Before starting his graduate studies at Grantham, he served as a Battalion Command Sergeant Major and chose to pursue an education with the University to set an example for his Soldiers.

Beginning His Journey with Distance Education

Confident in his role in the Army, Streeter was nervous about beginning his new role as a student; however, after starting, his confidence increased and because he found Grantham committed to its students’ success, he encouraged other Soldiers to enroll and take online courses, as well.

Streeter’s dedication to inspiring and encouraging the next leaders in the Army didn’t stop once he began his education.

Before graduating with a Master of Science in Performance Improvement, Streeter was selected by a panel to leave his position as Battalion Command Sergeant Major and serve as the Commandant of a Noncommissioned Officer’s Academy, where he was responsible for the training and development of 7,000 emerging Army leaders.

The skill set and knowledge Streeter had already gained from his distance education was the driving force behind the panel’s decision to select him for the prestigious position.

“Grantham University enabled me and my family to experience superior military positioning and assignments,” Streeter said.

And his military accolades didn’t end there.

Only a couple of years later, in 2015, with a graduate degree from Grantham under his belt, Streeter was asked to serve as the Program Analyst for the Department of the Army’s Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention program.

“My graduate studies equipped me with the tools and confidence required to identify gaps, risks, and to provide improvement recommendations for this Army-wide program,” he said.

This program affected over two million active duty, guard and reserve Soldiers. And still, Streeter reached new heights in his career.

Starting a New Chapter

Before his retirement in November 2016, Streeter was recruited and offered his current position: Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bank of America. The transition team behind the recruitment preferred a military leader with strong communication skills who had also earned a graduate degree.

With the flexibility Grantham provides through distance education, Streeter was able to earn his degree while serving in the Army and smoothly transition into the civilian sector, where he applies his theoretical, academic knowledge and real-world military leadership experience to the job.

“[Grantham] led me to the added bonus of a leadership role within the civilian sector,” Streeter said. “I have been, and will continue to be, an advocate for higher learning, encouraging everyone I encounter to strive for academic excellence.”

With this positive outlook on higher education, Streeter’s Outstanding Graduate award is well-deserved and an inspiration to those involved in or interested in distance education.

Sharing His Positive Outlook at the 2017 Grantham University Commencement Ceremony

Streeter has been asked to share more insight on what motivates him, and how it has propelled him to reach new heights in both his military and civilian careers as the Alumni Speaker at Grantham’s 2017 Commencement Ceremony at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Mo., on August 5th. To register for this year’s Commencement, visit the Grantham website.

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