criminal justice careerWith a criminal justice career, every day you get to help the lives of others and serve those who are in need. These professionals work tirelessly to protect our streets, homes and country in a variety of ways. As a nation, we depend on these hard-working individuals to keep us safe and uphold the law. If something like this interests you, know that you will be filling a role that others look up to and respect.

If you are searching for a career you can feel good about and that has an impact on your community, starting your criminal justice career with a degree from Grantham University could be the perfect fit for you. A criminal justice career keeps you on your toes, as each day is different from the last.

Some Industries You Can Work in With a Criminal Justice Degree

• Business Law
• Computer Forensics
• Federal Bureau of Investigation
• Correctional Officer
• Courtroom Reporting
• Homeland Security

One of the great things about getting your criminal justice degree is how versatile your career options are. With a criminal justice background, you can work in many different job fields, which can lead to a variety of job opportunities. If you are interested in a career that can take you anywhere, a criminal justice degree from Grantham might be the way to go.

At Grantham, you will learn the basics of the criminal justice system that are necessary to launch your career and leave you feeling confident and ready for anything. If you are ready to find your future career, Grantham is right here waiting for you.

More Popular Choices for a Criminal Justice Career

Police Officer1: Along with detective, a police officer is a popular choice for a criminal justice career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 4% growth in employment for police officers and detectives from 2014 to 2024. The demand for new police officers is different depending on where you live, so check with your local municipality to find out more about their specific needs. The average pay for a police officer also varies by location, but nationwide, the median income is $60,270, which is quite a bit higher than the median wages for all other jobs.

Security Guards2: If you think about it, security guards are everywhere. This job is in place to protect people, property and valuable items. This career does not always require a degree, but with one, you can advance your career by overseeing higher levels of security monitoring or earning a promotion into a management position. In the next decade, it’s expected that there will be a need for an additional 55,0002 security guards in our country, so the opportunities in this field are increasing.

Correctional Officer4: As a correctional officer, it is your job to oversee those who have been arrested and convicted of crimes, as well as document inmate’s behavior and patrol all areas of the correctional institution. Officers are needed at all levels of the jurisdiction, as each judicial body has its own way of processing and handling inmates.

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