Master of Science in Leadership at Grantham UniversityThere really is no such thing as a “natural born leader.” All great leaders learned how to lead from a mentor or observing and studying other great leaders.

That’s why Grantham University is excited to announce our new Master of Science in Leadership program, designed for students seeking leadership and management skills and careers. Incorporating both leadership theory and practice to create an interdisciplinary framework, this online degree program has been created to help our students recognize and develop key leadership traits.

What you will learn

Leadership isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept and there are many approaches to effective leadership, and as a student in this program, you’ll learn about different theories, styles and methods of leadership. The leadership program begins with an introduction on what it means to be a good leader (and how to understand your own leadership strengths). This includes consideration of concepts like strategic communication, ethics, emotional intelligence and leading change—and how those are used to benefit management and organizational culture. Once this foundation has been established, you will be able to evaluate leadership qualities in individuals, in organizations and in culture.

Because we live in a global society, strong leaders benefit from cultural awareness and sensitivity. The leadership online degree program enables you to manage practical solutions for effective cross-cultural communication through the promotion of diversity, inclusion and trust.

This is where theory meets practice. Students of this master’s degree program are asked to examine and analyze leadership components in organizations and groups. Throughout the program, you will be given opportunities to practice what you are learning through both research projects and practical experience. You will become adept at implementing a strong leadership structure through vision creation, tone setting, conflict handling and effective communication.

What careers you can prepare for

This program specifically helps students prepare for management careers, and the skills of a good leader can be put to use in most any industry or career path. During an era in which more and more workers are likely to change careers several times throughout their lifetime, having an interdisciplinary framework for an essential role like leadership can be a huge asset.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment in management occupations will grow eight percent between 2016 and 2026, creating more than 800,000 new management jobs. With median annual wages of more than $100,000, according to May 2018 data, management occupations have the highest wages of all major groups tracked by the BLS. Ahead of other occupational fields like Architecture and Engineering ($80,000/yr), Legal ($80,000/yr), Business and Financial ($68,000/yr), and Healthcare Practitioners ($66,000/yr).

Whether you seek to climb the corporate ladder, find success in government employment or pursue career goals in finance, manufacturing or professional services, a master’s degree in leadership can provide the strong foundation you need to meet your goals. Graduates of the Master of Science in Leadership program find work as office, facilities and sales managers, public relations and fundraising managers and as C-level executives.

What the program looks like

As a leadership student, you will have plenty of theory, history and modeling throughout your coursework, but this online degree program also includes hands-on and real-world experience to help you directly improve your own leadership performance. You will also be given the opportunity to integrate everything you’ve learned throughout the program in a leadership portfolio. Your portfolio will include the skills you’ve developed, the accomplishments you’ve earned, the activities you’ve completed and personal reflections on your experiences.

The Master of Science in Leadership requires 36 credit hours to complete, which takes most students about two years to complete. But Grantham University can also help you determine whether past coursework, military training or other life experience can be transferred as credit toward your degree—before you even enroll. Grantham also strives to support students at every step of their educational journey with us. From academic resources and career services to veteran support and financial aid, our student support programs are essential to student success. We are now enrolling students for this new program which starts June 12, 2019. We are ready to welcome you to the program as soon as you’ve decided to learn what it takes to lead!

Pursuing postsecondary education is an investment in yourself. When choosing a master’s degree program, consider one that can help you succeed in a wide range of industries for many years to come.