liberal arts degreeSome of the greatest scholars and geniuses were people committed to multiple disciplines, not just one. Take Leonardo da Vinci, for example. He was an inventor, a writer, a musician, an architect and so much more.1 He didn’t confine himself to one area of study, and you don’t have to either. A liberal arts degree can offer you a wide range of skills and knowledge across multiple disciplines and prepare you in a variety of ways for your future career.

Grantham University’s online Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies can help you learn the skills you need to for your future career. Here’s what you should know about potential career opportunities for this degree:

Will a Liberal Arts Degree Help My Career?

Some people say a degree in liberal arts is too broad to start a career, but surveys by the National Association of Colleges and Employers show that employers are more concerned about a candidate’s skillset and abilities than they are the title of the applicant’s degree.In other words, a liberal arts degree can serve as the foundation for you advancing your career, and your skill set is what determines the specific position you want.

What Type of Jobs Can I Get with a Liberal Arts Degree?

Careers in economics, political science and media are some options you have when you earn a liberal arts degree. But since your degree allows you to go into a variety of different areas and use multiple skill sets, you could start by choosing your career based on what the job market looks like. Human resources and criminal justice, for example, are two career fields with promising futures and good salaries.

Ultimately, the career you pick is your choice, and it’s important to find a job that incorporates as many of your interests and skills into the role as possible – that way, you can hone your skills for the areas that you really enjoy.3

Here are some job categories, and their potential salaries, that may fit your interests:

Creative jobs – This can include journalism, photography, marketing and design jobs – just to name a few. Getting a career in these fields is great if you like to use your creativity and have flexibility within your job to develop your own way of doing things.3 For these types of jobs, the average annual salary is $35,500, with some positions reaching a median of $85,000 per year.4

Business-oriented jobs – If you enjoy working with people, while also serving a business and using critical thinking skills, then jobs in the business field may be a good fit for you. You could even start your own business! Jobs in this industry tend to have a large salary range, with positions such as insurance agents and accountants earning an average salary around $65,000.5

Administrative jobs – If you’re a person who enjoys learning specific daily tasks and mastering them, using your multidisciplinary liberal arts degree to get a clerical or administrative job may be the answer for you. Often, these jobs require you to master specific technology or office skills to help benefit your company and the employees with whom you work. The average salary for administrative positions is $36,000, which can vary depending on the specific field in which you choose to work.6

Service-oriented jobs – Service-oriented jobs are all about the customer or consumer. Working in a customer service position – whether it be in government, retail, social work, education or non-profit – is a great opportunity for you to do meaningful work with flexibility to interact with people while also getting the job done. The salary for these positions totally depends on which career route you take. If you decide to take the social work route, for example, you could end up with an average salary of $45,000.7 On the other hand, if you want to work in retail and become a manager or trainer, you could make an average of $38,000 annually.8

Data-Oriented jobs – Maybe you’re a critical thinker who thrives off data and getting results. If that’s you, then jobs that focus on getting results – for example, information technology and business analysts – could be the perfect fit for you. Information technology is an expanding industry with a high-paying salary, and business analysts also make a good median salary of $81,000 with a 14% expected job growth.9

What Skills Will I Use in my Career?

With a liberal arts degree like Multidisciplinary Studies, you have the option of tailoring your education to your wants and your needs.

It’s important to look for jobs that allow you to combine your skills and interests. For example, a career in the news industry can allow you to use photography, videography, writing and speaking skills all together. On the other hand, a career in the business field enables you to use math, critical thinking and customer service skills.3

What Does the Future of Liberal Arts and Multidisciplinary Careers Look Like?

The average salary for people with a four-year liberal arts degree such as multidisciplinary studies is about $40,000 in the first four years of being in the workforce. The average salary for those who have worked for at least a decade jumps to $80,000.10 This shows that your multidisciplinary degree has a lot of salary potential and that there is opportunity for financial and professional growth in whichever field you decide to pursue.

Earn Your Degree and Open the Door to Career Opportunities

At Grantham, we want you to pursue a career that best suits you. Whether you have a specific career path you want to take, or you haven’t quite decided what field interests you but still want to maximize your skills, Grantham has a program for you. Visit the GU website to learn more about our online Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies today!

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