What is FAFSA & How Can It Benefit All College Students?

If you’ve applied to college before or are in the process of applying now, you’ve likely seen the acronym “FAFSA,” which stands for “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” Like the name says, this application process is completely free for students — and could alleviate your worries about paying for school. According to a U.S. Department of Education NCES Data Point report, students commonly miss out on financial aid opportunities because they mistakenly believe they either aren’t eligible, or they…Read +

Lalita Brown: One Student’s Journey to Online Education

Have you considered going back to school, but haven’t taken the next step because of fear — fear of failing, of balancing your obligations, of affording higher education? Grantham University student Lalita Brown proves you can be a successful adult learner, without sacrificing your other responsibilities. Lalita started at Grantham in 2014, with no transfer credits, a full-time job and a teenage daughter to take care of by herself. Because of her unwavering determination, Lalita finished her associate degree, and…Read +

The Quick Guide to Enrollment at Grantham University

You know the value of a college education and what a degree could mean for your future – a better-paying position or perhaps even an entirely new career path, more stability for your family … the list goes on. At Grantham University, we believe nothing should hold you back from creating the life you want. That’s why we’ve made the enrollment process as easy as possible. Grantham’s online academic programs are convenient and flexible, without compromising on quality. Eight-week courses…Read +

8 Tuition Reimbursement Questions to Ask Your Employer

Tuition reimbursement programs — plans in which employers repay their employees’ college expenses — aren’t new, but they are on the rise. Heavy hitters including AT&T, Chipotle and Starbucks offer these in their benefits packages. For workers, a degree can build professional skills and provide opportunities for career advancement. The tuition reimbursement perk has only recently started to make sense to employers as a tool to recruit and retain quality people. A 2016 article on Time.com explains how employers everywhere…Read +