Meet Grantham Data Analyst Steve Kaestner: Committed to a Military-Friendly Workforce and Education

After 20 years and four deployments as a Section Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Grantham University Data Analyst Steve Kaestner understands first-hand the challenges that come with serving our country – not just on the front-line, but back home, as well. Finding the right career or job can be a struggle for many veterans. Grantham University was founded by a veteran as a way for other veterans to better their lives, and the military-friendly school remains committed to veterans through…Read +

Grantham’s Kathy Irvine Honors Father, WWII Veteran By Volunteering With Honor Flight Network of Kansas City

Kathy Irvine’s father never made it to see the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C., where his name is listed along with thousands of others. The memorial was opened in 2004, but Irvine’s father Robert “Bob” Irvine died in 2000. He served three years in the United States Navy as a GM3/C aboard the USS Pipe Spring. Like many veterans, Irvine’s father didn’t speak much about his time in the service, but he taught her a great deal about serving others.…Read +

Suzie Tousey: From Police Officer to Grantham Instructor

At Grantham, we value finding the right instructor for each program, especially when it comes to giving our students exactly what they need to grow their careers. Suzie Tousey, a Criminal Justice Foundations Faculty member at Grantham University, is a 27-year veteran of law enforcement who wanted to give back through the power of teaching others. She is able to apply her real-world experience and passion for the law toward providing her students with the best possible education. We had…Read +

Your Criminal Justice Program: Key Things to Know

Do you want to work in a professional environment where you can make an impact every day? If so, then Grantham has the perfect program for you: criminal justice. With a bachelor’s degree from our criminal justice program, you can pursue a career in many different fields, including corrections, law enforcement, investigations and more. Grantham’s criminal justice program can help you gain a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system so you are prepared for a promising career in the…Read +

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