Why am I Taking these Courses? Taoist Approach to Education Offers Answers

Countless articles, books and seminars exist that claim to know secrets to motivating people. Sports teams use motivational speakers and coaches to give pep talks before games. Colleges and universities offer courses on motivation, while business summits feature speakers devoted to holding the keys to motivation and success. Instead of boring you with “can-do” catch phrases or showering you with false praise to get you to perform better, let’s explore a less traditional, but valuable approach to motivation by looking…Read +

University Faculty Members Gain an Education in Volunteering

As stated on its website, the mission of Harvesters Community Food Network – a regional food bank serving a 26-county area of northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas – is to “feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow.” The group provides food and related household products to more than 620 not-for-profit agencies, including emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and others. In addition, Harvesters, which is a certified member of the national network Feeding America (and the…Read +

How I Discovered the Life-Changing Value of an MBA

At heart, I am a “people person.” As a high school graduate, I was confident I wanted to work in a profession that involved helping others. The counseling field appeared to be the perfect fit for someone of my skillset. My ability to empathize, listen actively and engage with those who needed assistance or advice seemed to come naturally. Years later, I finally graduated with a degree in counseling. I was suited and ready to get started working in the…Read +

Fall Back into Class. Spring Forward in Your Career: 5 Reasons Fall is Ideal for Going Back to School

“Fall back” is a saying often used to remind us to set our clocks back an hour when Daylight Saving Time expires. It’s a play on words, using “fall” as both the time of season when clocks are set back, and the reminder of which direction to move the time. Typically, you’ll hear the full directive as “Spring forward, fall back.” We officially entered fall on Sept. 22 – the Autumnal Equinox - but Daylight Saving Time won’t end until…Read +