New Year // New Opportunities

Are you thinking about going back to school after the Holidays as part of your New Year’s resolutions? Did you take a break for personal or other obligations? Are you wanting to earn your degree to open the door for more career opportunities?  Whether you took a short break or haven’t taken higher education classes before, it can be difficult to get started. People often don’t enroll because they are afraid of failure or don’t think they can manage school…Read +

The Value of Starting College: All It Takes Is One Class

Going to college used to mean attending a brick-and-mortar campus, living in dorms and taking full course loads. Today, universities realize the traditional college experience isn’t feasible for everyone. At Grantham University, we know you need flexibility in order to fit higher education into your already packed schedule. Our 100 percent online programs are designed to be completed when and where it’s most convenient for you, and all it takes to begin is one course. Every journey starts with a…Read +

Maximize Your Military Experience to Get the Most College Credit

Part of Grantham University’s mission for nearly 70 years has been to help military service members, veterans and their spouses earn their degrees. But we know that valuable learning also happens outside the classroom. As a veteran-founded university, we recognize the educational importance of military training. Grantham awards credit for this type of on-the-job (plus corporate) training and experience you may have that has been evaluated and approved by the American Council on Education (ACE). Prior national exams and certifications,…Read +

Tips for Saving Money While in School

If you’re like many working adults, single moms or military personnel considering their next professional step through higher education, you may be understandably concerned about costs. You might ask, “How will I pay for school? Do I qualify for financial aid or scholarships? How else can I save money while in school?” These are important questions — all of which can be resolved with smart planning and a few simple tips. First of all, there is good news. You can…Read +