Celebrating Higher Education: Embracing Distance Education at Grantham

In the past, it was common to get a job with a high school education and make a living wage. But in today’s competitive economy, a high school diploma is no longer enough to get ahead, and many people are turning to online learning for advancing their education. Higher education is so important to the continued growth and success of our economy, and what better time than the week the nation comes together to celebrate higher education? The celebration recognizes…Read +

Meet MSN Student Patty Cauthen: Following her Passion to Ethiopia

When it comes to people who leave the world a little bit better than when they found it, there is usually a passion igniting their life’s work. There is also a whole lot of dedication, too. At Grantham University, we encourage all students to find their passion and use education to fuel their actions and make a difference. That’s what nursing student Patty Cauthen chose to do as she pursued her Master of Science in Nursing and gained a better…Read +

Address your stress!

On the heels of National Stress Awareness Month in April, like most of us with over-the-top busy lives, I am extremely aware of my stress. Being a recent MBA graduate myself, the stressors of trying to juggle work, school and life, in general, at times have really pushed my comfort zone through the roof. How to cope, keep it all manageable and under control, and achieve a high degree of success is a challenge, but the payoff has been so…Read +

Adult Learning: Four Ways to Prepare Before Classes Begin

Maybe you’re considering going back to college or you just signed up for your first classes ever. You might be nervous about the new demands on your schedule or your wallet. Whatever the case, there are several ways to prepare before you enter a classroom. The good news is that you’re not the only one going through this — the rates of adult learning have been steadily rising. The National Center for Education Statistics projects the number of college and…Read +

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