Student Profile: Thaddeus Menendez

At Grantham, we value a strong sense of community, and we want you to know your fellow students and classmates. We decided to catch up with Thaddeus Menendez, one of our Electronics Engineering Technology students, to learn more about his journey with Grantham University.   Grantham University: Why did you decide to pursue an online degree? What made you pick Grantham? Thaddeus Menendez: I decided to pursue an online degree for the simple fact that my schedule didn't allow me…Read +

Kansas City Mayor Sly James Will Speak at Grantham Commencement

Sly James is a household name in Kansas City, but he’s quickly gaining notice on the national stage too. As the Kansas City Mayor, James has been instrumental in the progress the city has seen in technology and innovation, transportation and the revitalization of downtown. On the national scene, James is making waves in his efforts to implement education reform and commonsense gun control laws. And through everything he does, the Mayor is a champion for our great city and…Read +

Don’t Take a Pass on Your Military-to-Civilian Future

How prepared are you for your military-to-civilian future? It goes without saying that those who serve in our military have a full plate. No matter how long you have been – or plan to stay – in the military, you've probably wondered: What’s next? For the sake of your military-to-civilian future, think about it for a minute. After all, military careers don’t always translate into the civilian workforce. At least, not easily. And even if you want to remain in the military, it’s…Read +

What You Need to Know About the Future of Drone Technology

When you hear the word “drone,” a variety of connotations probably come to mind. We’ve all heard that drones have been used for good things and definitely some bad things, but drone technology has also been used for everything in between—whether that be to capture samples of fluid sprayed from the blowholes of whales or to fly Roman candle fireworks high in the sky to be shot off. The LA Times recently published a story about one man, in particular,…Read +

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