5 Ways to Improve Your Bedtime Routine to Get More Sleep

What do Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, Huffington Post Co-Founder Arianna Huffington and world-renowned designer Vera Wang all have in common? They value their bedtime routine.1 What can you say about yours? If you spend your entire day dreaming about the pizza and Netflix marathon you will begin the second you walk in the door, ask yourself how your evening’s events will benefit you tomorrow as you work on assignments for your online classes? Although we all need time to be…Read +

Kristen Drawdy: Grantham Alumna, Future Accountant

After seven years away from an education setting, Grantham University Alumna Kristen Drawdy decided it was time to go back to school. Drawdy wanted to transition out of her cosmetology career and find a place in the finance world. For her, attending Grantham was the perfect opportunity to make that happen. Here is what Drawdy had to say about her experience at Grantham University and what she is doing after getting her degree: Grantham University: What brought you to Grantham?…Read +

Why Your Medical Billing and Coding Career Matters

Medical coding and billing professionals are important members of a medical team. These professionals carefully maintain patient records and make sure that everyone is billed correctly. The health care industry depends on these professionals to properly code a patient’s diagnosis and then request payments from the patient’s insurance company. Know that you will fill a crucial role in the health care industry if pursuing a medical billing and coding career is what you choose to do. If you like to…Read +

One Step at a Time: How Disabled Student Vikki Hall Finds Success

Juggling multiple commitments as a student is not easy. But adding a disability into the mix is even more difficult. However, for some, having inspiration and motivation is enough to power through the challenging times. We had a chance to hear about Vikki Hall’s positive experience as a disabled student at Grantham University. Grantham University: Why did you decide to pursue an online degree? What made you pick Grantham? Vikki Hall: I tried to enroll at traditional colleges, but was…Read +

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