Let Your Electronic Engineering Degree Take You to Higher Places!

When we think of flying, we often focus on the little amount of leg room we have and the feeling of relief we experience when the person sitting behind us stops kicking the back of our seat. What we may not think about is all that goes into making a 400-ton piece of metal glide through the sky. For others, understanding the mechanics of air travel drives them from curiosity to career. If you happen to be one of those…Read +

Accounting Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Lambert

How do you define success? Is it as substantial as earning a promotion ... taking care of your family ... or earning an accounting degree from a 100% online university? All three? Maybe it's as simple as getting to work every day with a matching pair of socks. (I know which side of that particular equation I fall on.) The completion and conferring of a college degree is something worth celebrating. It's a great feeling. (A lot better than matching…Read +

7 Places to Explore While Visiting KC

As a Grantham University graduate, you have the pleasure of celebrating commencement with your loved ones in Kansas City. Whether you have traveled 1,000 miles or 10 to attend commencement, you have completed a major academic journey this year and deserve to enjoy some of the city’s best offerings while visiting KC. If you are thinking about getting your diploma and heading straight home, here are a few reasons not to: 1. Union Station/National World War I Museum and Memorial…Read +

Student Debt Relief

Editor's Note: From low tuition rates to transfer credit opportunities, Grantham University offers a number of programs to help limit the debt load as students pursue a degree. But what about after they graduate? We asked Brent Carpenter, Financial Aid Compliance Analyst, to talk about what Grantham does to help graduates with their debt load ... and what to watch for. Have you seen ads on social media offering help with your student loans, including some that use Grantham's name? Do…Read +

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