5 Suspicious Signs Your Job Interview Went Poorly

The mind of a job seeker one hour after completing a job interview can operate like a broken record. Often times, the broken record plays back the same few questions. Did they like me? Did I answer the questions the way the interviewer wanted? Will they call me back? I've been there. Recent graduates of online degree programs have been there. We've all been there. Sometimes, you can read signs from the interviewer that indicate interest. A while back, we…Read +

6 Common Grammatical Mistakes to Avoid on Cover Letters

R U ready to write ur next ppr? If you find yourself writing like you’re sending a text instead of a cover letter, you might need a few refreshers before tackling that big assignment for your online degree program or sending off your resume to a potential employer. After all, the last thing you want is to submit a job application you spent hours on only to have it immediately rejected for grammatical mistakes. When writing your next cover letter,…Read +

5 Tips for Presenting Accomplishments in Your Resume, Cover Letter

It can be challenging to differentiate yourself to a potential employer, given the competitive nature of the job market. Focusing on the important topics when writing your resume (tips here) and cover letter is essential to earning that coveted in-person interview. One of the best ways to make an impression is through your professional achievements. Many hiring managers view past success as an indicator of future performance. Here are five tips for online students when they are presenting accomplishments in…Read +

But I Don’t Need This Textbook Anymore …

Your semester is nearing its end and you're probably cramming for a final ... or preparing a major project ... or simply hyperventilating. (Breathe slowly. In through the nose, out through the mouth. It's okay. It's almost over.) Now, as you look back at the work you have accomplished over the past several weeks, you can’t help but notice something: The textbook you so desperately needed at the start of the class is now in danger of becoming ... a…Read +