3 Tips on How to Use Technology to Improve Time Management Skills

Editor’s note: This is the first post in a three-part series on technology and online student success. Look for Part II in the series a week from today on Wednesday, June 5. There’s an old Irish proverb that states, “You can’t plow a field by turning it over in your mind.” If that proverb originated today and was applied to online students, it would probably go something like, “You can’t write a paper by browsing your Facebook news feed.” As…Read +

3 Taboo Topics to Avoid in the Workplace

I love board games. They’re a fun way to spend the evening (though my family will say I have the worst luck when it comes to actually winning). One game I haven’t played in forever is Taboo. You know, the game where one player provides hints to the guesser as to what the word is, without saying the word itself or five other “off limit” words. If any of the off limits are mentioned, you get buzzed. Have you ever…Read +

5 Reasons Pursuing a Business Management Degree Is a Great Idea

Editor’s Note: The Bureau of Labor Statistics information has been updated since the writing of this blog. It's not always easy to decide which major best fits your career aspirations. If you're still deciding, we wrote a blog that highlighted four college majors that were projected to flourish in 2013. No. 1 on that list? Business. There are two popular online degrees to consider in business: business management and business administration. The focus of today's blog will be business management.…Read +

The 10 Hottest Information Technology Skills for 2013

It's not difficult to see why Information Technology is one of the most popular online degrees: It's a secure field. With the growing popularity of the Internet for school, work and play, the demand for IT professionals isn't going anywhere but up. It pays well. The median annual salary for the eight computer and IT positions listed on the latest Occupational Outlook Handbook is $75,610. Many online students have an interest in technology that stems from their military background, where they became familiar with…Read +