5 Time Management Examples That Could Get You in Trouble

Mastering the art of time management requires a sharp mind fully dedicated to the ultimate goal. For online students, that could be graduation or a new career. For full-time workers, it might be a promotion. For military service members, the goal could be protecting this great country. These scenarios place a heavy emphasis on time management skills along the path to success. Identifying what not to do may help with creating the initial blueprint for an effective time management schedule. Avoid these five examples…Read +

8 Ways to Earn Your College Degree for Less Money

If you’ve made the decision to earn the college degree you need for an incredible career and future, chances are you’ve already started looking at how much your education will cost … and how to make it easier on your bank account. To avoid undue stress over financing (and get you down the road to reaching your education and career goals!), carefully consider your financing options, which are many. Here are eight ways that paying for college education can be…Read +

Busy Schedule? 6 Simple Ways to Balance School with Work and Family

Adult learners who enroll in online degree programs frequently have many other responsibilities to juggle in their daily lives. Of course, there's school. But there's also work ... and a family. Using time management skills may seem like an easy task, but actually doing it could occasionally present challenges. Sound familiar? In today's blog, our mission is to find the best ways adult learners can balance school with work and caring for a family. Here are six suggestions: 1. Manage your stress.…Read +

5 Reasons Pursuing a Business Management Degree Is a Great Idea

Editor’s Note: The Bureau of Labor Statistics information has been updated since the writing of this blog. It's not always easy to decide which major best fits your career aspirations. If you're still deciding, we wrote a blog that highlighted four college majors that were projected to flourish in 2013. No. 1 on that list? Business. There are two popular online degrees to consider in business: business management and business administration. The focus of today's blog will be business management.…Read +