Fact vs. Fiction: What’s the real deal on Online Degree Programs?

Pop quiz time. Below you’ll find a list of common concerns about pursuing your college education through online degree programs. Can you sort fact from fiction? 1.)    By pursuing your education through online degree programs I’ll be doing everything on my own.  Fact or Fiction? Fiction! Not only have online degree programs become more interactive by implementing videos and Webinars into the learning environment, but discussion boards and Skype sessions with your fellow students (and the instructor) are commonplace now. At…Read +

Advantages of a Master’s Degree: Education Pays

Pursuing a master’s degree is now easier than ever because of the options available to working adults.  There are part-time, evening, weekend and online programs available, so you can still earn a salary while continuing your education. While a master’s degree may not be required for your chosen career, there are a few compelling reasons to earn one: Greater Earning Potential:  Statistics show that your earning potential rises for each level of higher education obtained.  According to the Bureau of…Read +