Job Interview? 8 Simple Ways to Wow Employer

Preparing to make a lasting and unique impression on a job interview can cause nerves to build and stress to mount. If this sounds familiar, don’t fret, online students. There are a slew of other candidates feeling a similar amount of anxiety. It’s natural, and on the plus side, it proves you’re serious about the opportunity. Before thinking about the daunting nature of an upcoming interview, think about why the employer invited you back in the first place. There’s a…Read +

Citation Tips for Better Research Papers

One of the most difficult things students face when it comes to writing essays for college is learning how to work with sources. Interestingly, knowing how to do this is key to being successful in college and in the professional world. It’s no secret — writing in today’s world is more important than ever before, and much of that writing will be in concert with the writings of other people. The following guide should help you to connect your writing…Read +

Traditional University vs. Online For A Degree: Pros and Cons

Prospective students: You have many options in your education now-a-days. In addition to a degree choice, you have the decision between a ground campus and online degree programs. There are pros and cons to each. Take some time to carefully prioritize what’s most important at this stage in your life. Here's a general list designed to get you started. Of course, you should cater this list to your personal circumstances to decide what's best for you. Whatever choice you make, Grantham University wishes you every success in meeting your educational…Read +

Happy Birthday, Navy: Top 10 Famous Navy Personnel You May Not Know

Editor’s Note: This blog post has been updated to reflect the most current U. S. Navy information. At Grantham our mission is to serve those who serve. Our history is rooted in the military. So this day is a special one for us. If you know someone serving in the United States Navy, today would be a good day to wish that person a happy birthday. Today, the naval warfare service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces turns 241 years…Read +