How to Write a Targeted Resume Quickly

Psst. I want to let you in on a little secret – a little resume tip. Even if you love your current job, it’s ok to keep your resume up-to-date. After all, you never know when that perfect job – your absolute dream job – might appear on your radar.

And the last thing you want is for that opportunity to slip away because your resume was hopelessly out of date.

I recently attended a webinar our Career Services team here at Grantham University presented on the topic of resume writing – Anatomy of a Resume: Constructing Your Resume from the Ground Up. (Click the link. It’s worth checking out.)

In the webinar, our human resources experts reiterated a maxim I’ve often heard from recruiters in the past: “The most effective resumes are customized to the specific opportunity.” In other words, the more targeted the resume, the more relevant your experiences and expertise, the better your odds of landing an interview.

But who has time to write a super-targeted resume that checks off all the right boxes for your dream job posting? And who has the expertise to do it fast enough to hit “Submit” on the application and get back to work. Well, you do … if you follow this simple resume tip.

Make a Master Resume … and keep it updated.

Stock your Master Resume with all the skills and workplace accomplishments you can claim. All of them. Your entire career in one document. Put in every employer, every job title, every school you attended and degree or certificate you earned. Create bullets of your achievements. Use statistics. List awards. Craft a profile summarizing your amazingness.

And every time you have something new to add, add it.

Take the time now to write it, and write it right. Then, when your dream job shows up, you’re ready. You’ll use the Master Resume as a template for your targeted resume writing. Adapt the data, bullets and information you’ve already developed to the specific job. Quickly. Easily. Efficiently.

Want more resume writing information or another resume tip? Click on the link for Anatomy of a Resume: Constructing Your Resume from the Ground Up.

Need the right degree to put the perfect touch on your Master Resume? Let Grantham University help. From enrollment through graduation and beyond, we’re here to help you succeed every step of the way.