Civil Servants and First Responders receive special tuition rates from Grantham UniversityAre you a first responder or civil servant who wants to deepen your knowledge? Expand your skill set or prepare for a promotion? Even if you’ve already begun your career, earning a degree (or maybe a second degree) can enhance your opportunities and lead to a more fulfilling professional experience.

Grantham University recognizes the sacrifices that all civil servants, first responders and military personnel make to serve their communities. That’s why the degree and certificate programs at Grantham offer flexible scheduling and competitive pricing. You deserve the opportunity to pursue your education with ease.

Grantham is a pioneer in serving adult students through distance learning, allowing you to set your own schedule, work through courses at your own pace, and balance your education with other commitments.

Who is eligible for special tuition rates?

Emergency first responders (including firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians and paramedics) and civil servants (at the federal, state, county and local levels) are eligible for Grantham’s special tuition rates.

You must serve in the United States and meet the basic admissions requirements for Grantham University, as well as any specific requirements for your program of choice. Contact the admissions team to learn more and check your eligibility.

What are the tuition rates for civil servants and first responders?

Grantham knows what a big commitment pursuing postsecondary education is – and that paying for school is always a concern. To thank you for your dedication to your community and in honor of the sacrifices you make as a first responder or civil servant, Grantham has one of the lowest tuition rates in the nation, which is even lower for civil servants and first responders.

Eligible students receive a low tuition rate of just $250 per hour for the duration of their enrollment. This rate applies to both graduate and undergraduate programs offered by Grantham, but it doesn’t just cover your tuition. Grantham’s first-responder flat rate includes your textbooks, software, lab fees, and other program requirements. You can enroll without worrying that you’ll be faced with a bunch of extra fees once you begin classes.

What other resources are available?

Succeeding in school takes commitment and Grantham is here to help you. The resources that Grantham provides, including support from student advisors and access to our teaching and learning center, are designed to give you all the tools you need to earn your online degree.

The teaching and learning center offers webinars, tutorials, and live chat sessions—plus on-demand tutoring from, which offers personalized sessions 24/7 on a wide variety of subjects. And all students are paired with a student advisor who will be a resource and a cheerleader throughout your entire time at Grantham. They will answer your questions, help you stay engaged in your coursework, celebrate your successes, provide time management and study tips.

Fill out an online request today to get more information about how you can succeed at Grantham.

What online degree programs are available?

Grantham University provides a wide range of certificate and degree programs to help you engage in your field of interest and enhance your career opportunities. Grantham’s four colleges and schools offer students the ability to pursue targeted courses that make the most sense for their professional goals.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Technology-related degrees can benefit many career paths, as the technological landscape continues to evolve. Promoting safety through community planning, improving techniques, and optimizing data storage and sharing are just some of the ways that civil servants and first responders can use engineering or computer science degrees to advance their careers and support the public good.

Grantham’s Online Cyber Security Bachelor of Science, Engineering Management Technology Bachelor of Science and Information Management – Project Management Master of Science degree programs are great options to consider.

School of Business

Business degrees can help support careers in a wide range of industries. If you choose Grantham’s Master of Business Administration, for instance, you can select an Information Management or Project Management specialization.

The School of Business also offers bachelor’s degree programs in Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management and Bachelor of Science in Business Management, which often serve civil servants well.

College of Nursing and Allied Health

Grantham offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs related to the healthcare and nursing fields.

EMTs and paramedics in particular may feel drawn to the College of Nursing and Allied Health, where completing your Bachelor of Science in Nursing or earning a Master of Science in Nursing with a Case Management Specialization can be particularly beneficial.

College of Arts and Sciences

Criminal Justice degree programs allow you to explore fields like homeland security and computer forensics, often popular choices for those in the law enforcement profession. Grantham offers both a bachelor’s degree and an associate of arts degree option.

The College of Arts and Sciences also offers programs with broader and customizable focuses. A degree in Multidisciplinary Studies allows you to tailor your degree program to your specific career goals.

Grantham is eager to support first responders and civil servants with online education that can help them achieve their professional goals and further their careers. Contact Grantham University today to learn more and to begin the admissions process.