Editor's Note: From low tuition rates to transfer credit opportunities, Grantham University offers a number of programs to help limit the debt load as students pursue a degree. But what about after they graduate? We asked Brent Carpenter, Financial Aid Compliance Analyst, to talk about what Grantham does to help graduates with their debt load ... and what to watch for.

Student Debt Relief

Have you seen ads on social media offering help with your student loans, including some that use Grantham's name? Do they seem too good to be true?

More than likely, it's because they probably are.

Many debt relief companies charge hefty fees for these services. These companies will solicit borrowers online and through mobile ads, social media and phone calls. Applications for debt relief may even be mailed to borrowers. Fees charged by these companies may be up to $1000 in exchange for simply mailing out paperwork that borrowers can obtain for free.

None of these expensive student debt relief "services" are endorsed by Grantham University. Not a one.

You can get help managing your student debt – no upfront fees!

If you took out federal student loans to help pay for college, you should never have to pay for assistance to get help managing your student loan debt.

Student borrowers are always able to contact their loan servicer (companies that handle the billing and other processes on federal student loans) for free assistance in managing their student loan debt. Loan servicers will provide counseling to determine if the borrower is able to change repayment plans, qualify for student loan debt forgiveness or pursue other available options.

If you used a loan servicer without going through Grantham University's financial aid department or have student debt from previous college experience, contact the servicer directly.

For Grantham students, there's USA Funds

At Grantham University, we've partnered with USA Funds to help. USA Funds is a nonprofit company that counsels borrowers with loan repayment options. Again, this service is provided free of charge.

To reach USA Funds, call 866-497-8723 or visit repaymyloans.org.

Grantham University does not endorse any company that claims to provide debt relief by charging upfront fees. Stick with the old adage that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Check with your loan servicer or USA Funds before paying another company to process paperwork that can be done free of charge.