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The holiday season is a time we come together with those we love to celebrate our beliefs, our achievements and each other. But the holidays also tend to pull us away from pursuing our academic ambitions.

Between the holiday planning and celebration we experience from November to January, it’s easy to forget that these months can also be essential in your journey to earning a career-building degree. You may be tempted to take a break from school during this time, but remember: Getting restarted after a hiatus is much more difficult than soldiering through classes during the holidays. We realize, however, that just like anyone else, you deserve to enjoy this time of year—and there are ways to do that while keeping up with your coursework.

Grantham University is here to make sure you achieve the success you’re looking for, in and out of the classroom. Here are some tips for maintaining your studies while still enjoying the holiday season.

Plan Ahead—for the Trip

Are you planning on traveling during the holidays? Whether by plane, bus or car, there will likely be a number of opportunities for you to fit in some study time. So, plan ahead:

  • Download reading materials to a personal device to study at your leisure. A boring road trip or three-hour flight is an ideal time to get ahead in your classroom readings.
  • Be sure to fully charge your devices before traveling. If you’re headed to the airport, have a charging cable handy. Many terminals are equipped with charging stations and outlets for travelers waiting for their flights.
  • Before you leave, double-check that you’re bringing what you need to study: laptop, power cord (again), study guides, etc.
  • Don’t have internet in the car? Use this time to start your outlines, edit your papers or write your discussion posts in Word. Then finish up when you have a Wi-Fi connection again.

Plan Ahead—for the Kids

Not only will you be away from the comfort of your study nook during your trip, so will your children. Even with extended family present, children get bored—and bored children will pester you. So, plan ahead:

  • Remind the kids that your study time is still important, even during their holiday break. Just as if you were at home, reiterate to them that they need to respect study hours.
  • Of course, kids can better respect study time when they’re busy with something else. If they’re old enough to be entertained with videos and electronic games, make sure they have access to tablets, chargers, downloaded videos, etc.
  • When you’ve reached your destination, encourage the kids to spend quality time with the rest of the family. There’s probably a relative in the house who would love some help baking cookies, playing a game or putting together a puzzle. If you’re lucky, there will be like-aged cousins who can keep them busy all day long.
  • Worst case scenario, encourage the kids to keep up with their reading during the break as well. Those who study together, stay together.

Plan Ahead—to Get Help

Before you stick the children on the rest of the family, you might want to get your relatives on board first. So, plan ahead.

  • Reach out to your friends and family and remind them you’re still in school, and that the degree does not take a holiday break. Ask them for help watching the kids. Ask them to respect your quiet study time. And ask them if there’s a suitable, out-of-the-way space where you can hit the books. Your best bet may be a coffee shop 10 miles down the road. Don’t be afraid to head out for a while to get some work done.
  • Before asking others for help, be sure to help yourself—physically, mentally and emotionally. Holidays can bring on a lot of stress, so center yourself accordingly. Whether it’s music, working out, eating healthy or anything else that motivates you to study, continue those habits during the holidays.
  • Holidays or not, Grantham always offers study resources that are available to you 24/7. If you’re having issues with a particular assignment or need help writing an essay, reach out to our Teaching and Learning Center. Here, you can access tutoring via in eligible classes, as well as tutorials, live chat sessions, webinars and more.

Plan Ahead—to Have Fun!

Even as you keep up on studying and assignments, don’t forget that these are the holidays and you should be having fun. You’re OK to put the books down and spend quality time with your family and friends. Get your work done, get your studying in, then get down to enjoying the holiday fun.

Do the holidays have you wishing for new opportunities and a better future? An education can help you get there. Contact Grantham University today for more information and to begin the admissions process.

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Dr. Anthony Petroy’s, Provost, vast higher education experience includes more than a decade of online education leadership. An Air Force veteran and champion for the expansion of access to distance and online education, Dr. Petroy previously served as the vice provost of global learning at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has also held leadership roles for universities such as Robert Morris University, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and Argosy University. He holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix, Master of Science in Management from Troy State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Pennsylvania State University.