find jobs financial managementSearching for jobs can be difficult, but with the number of financial management and planning jobs on the rise, you may be in luck.1 Whether you are switching careers or starting fresh, Grantham University is committed to helping you find jobs and prepare for your career. First things first. You must ask yourself a few important questions:

“Where Do I Find Financial Management and Planning Jobs? And How Can I Get One?”

If you’re still figuring out what route you want to take in your financial planning career, then it may be best to start researching jobs that you qualify for with your level of experience and education. You can find relevant jobs by doing a general search for “entry level financial planning positions,” for example. From there, you’ll get a variety of results to help you gauge what type of financial planning jobs would be the right fit for you and your unique interests. Grantham University’s Career Services team also provides support and career advice as you search for jobs in financial planning.

Before you start on this important task, here is a quick rundown of what you can expect:

“What Type of Financial Planning Jobs are Available?”

Financial management and planning is a field with a great career outlook, but the first step in your job search is figuring out what exactly you want to be doing. From there, you can determine what steps you need to take to find jobs that fit your career goals. Here are some of the financial planning careers you might consider:

  • Stock Broker – Until they have consistent clients, stock brokers spend a lot of time finding clients to invest assets into the stock market industry and doing market research to grow their skillset.2


  • Insurance Agent – Insurance agents often sell insurance and life plans either by phone or in-person with potential clients. There are many entry-level insurance positions available if you’re looking to gain experience in this industry.3


  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) – In this role, CFPs will spend a majority of their time advising clients on their expenses, helping them with their financial management skills, and creating budget and savings plans for the future.4


  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA®) – RIAs specifically advise clients on their assets and long-term investments like retirement plans and stock market investments. This is similar to the role of a CFP, but is more future-oriented.4


“What Skills Does a Financial Planner Need?”


When applying for a financial planning position, it’s important to keep in mind that previous work-related experience can provide you with an opportunity to develop your skills.3 If your experience in this industry is lacking, don’t worry, because 88% of financial planners and advisors say they worked in a completely different field before becoming a financial planner.5 This means that even if you’re transitioning from a career that isn’t business-related, there is still a way for you to find jobs in financial planning.


A four-year degree in financial planning, financial management or a business-related field is an excellent factor in landing the financial job you want. With a bachelor’s degree, you will learn valuable financial planning skills and concepts including theories, experimenting with real-life financial situations and learning about the ethics of financial planning. Grantham University offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Planning, which can be completed at your own pace if you want to pursue a four-year degree to help find jobs in this field.

Soft Skills

Overall, here are some important soft skills that will help you land your first financial management or planning job:

  • Analytical and math skills6
  • Strong interpersonal skills6
  • Personal responsibility and independence7
  • Understanding of money concepts3
  • Ability to solve problems8

Start Your Search Today and Find Jobs in the Financial Management and Planning Industry

Whether you’re one of the 88% of people switching from a completely different field or you’re looking to get into a different part of the financial management and planning industry, Grantham University can help.5 With the right skills, experience and training, you can find jobs in financial planning that will help secure your future. If you want to earn a degree in financial planning, Grantham University’s bachelor’s degree in financial planning can prepare you for your job hunt. Remember, financial planning jobs are waiting for people like you to fill the positions. Learn more today!


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