David Marker, Dean of the Business School at Grantham University

As the dean of the Mark Skousen School of Business, I know the impact that a degree can have for students and their careers. But I see another impact that going to school has for our students—the impact on their lives.

One of the best things about Grantham University is that it creates an opportunity for success for everyone who goes to class. I’ve attended, presented and worked at a number of private, state and open-enrollment educational institutions, but what Grantham offers is different from them all.

Grantham gives students of all backgrounds from all walks of life an opportunity to find a way to succeed.

That’s not to say that going to an online university is easy. Grantham is open enrollment but not open graduation. Here’s a bit of truth: Education done right will test you, refine you, and prepare you for success in the workplace.

I’m not a fan of some of the online education industry ads, the ones where students are in their pajamas, finishing their classes and degree programs on the couch. It takes a lot of work to be successful in school. The fact is that the process of going to college will affect your life as much as the diploma will in the end.

So, don’t get so caught up with the piece of paper you get at the end: Remember that the process of education is what is going to prepare you for success in your field.

Let me approach that from another angle: The degree doesn’t limit you; you limit you. Only you decide how far you can go. But if you keep going—if you stick with it—it can be tremendously rewarding.

At Grantham University, many of our students are first-generation college students. We also have a number of students who originally had no expectation of pursuing postsecondary education. We help them all. We create a space where those students are able to learn how to be academically successful … the kind of hard-working academic success that can prepare them for career success.

Honestly, at first, I wasn’t sure what to make of online education. I may have been just a bit skeptical. But I’ve seen the results. I know the work that goes into earning a degree online. It can be a valuable tool, one that helps students engage in their courses. The programs at Grantham University are designed to promote engagement and provide opportunities for feedback, helping students evolve in their studies.

And it’s all 100% online.

Programs in the business school, from bachelor’s degrees like Accounting and Business Administration to master’s programs such as our Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Performance Improvement, give students the opportunity to develop a quality, relevant and sustainable business foundation. These programs can teach you a way of looking at things and the vocabulary you need to succeed in business.

It doesn’t matter whether you go to the most popular school in your state or the top-ranked institutions in the country. The value is in the education.

About The Author

David Marker is dean of Grantham University’s College of Arts and Sciences and Mark Skousen School of Business, and has been with the university since 2013. Dr. Marker’s previous professional experience includes nearly two decades in small business development before launching his academic career. He is a life-time member of Beta Gamma Sigma, and has taught at both large public universities and small private schools. He earned his master’s degree in business – organizational behavior, and a Ph.D. in business – organizational theory, both from the University of Kansas.