How to Enroll at Grantham University
You know the value of a college education and what a degree could mean for your future – a better-paying position or perhaps even an entirely new career path, more stability for your family … the list goes on. At Grantham University, we believe nothing should hold you back from creating the life you want. That’s why we’ve made the enrollment process as easy as possible.

Grantham’s online academic programs are convenient and flexible, without compromising on quality. Eight-week courses that start monthly means moving through your degree program happens at a pretty quick pace, but rest assured that what you’ll learn will prepare you for the career you want.

If you are considering going back to school – and getting a headache just thinking about the process – don’t worry, Grantham is all about keeping things simple. Our dedicated admissions team is here to walk you through it all, and pave the way for an amazing educational journey.

Here’s what to expect as you enroll at Grantham (along with a few extra benefits of being a student at our 100% online university):

1. We’ll contact you soon. Grantham’s support staff and faculty know how valuable your time is. Many of our students are busy professionals, parents with active schedules, and others who have multiple commitments on any given That’s why our application and enrollment process is as efficient and effective as our online student learning experience. Once you reach out, we’ll contact you as fast as possible.

2. We’re always within reach. Whether you prefer to communicate by online chat, email, text, or call, Grantham admissions representatives are always available, even if you’re not quite ready to take the next step. We want you to feel confident about your decisions — from your degree program to how you’ll pay for your education. Typically, we’ll discuss your work experience and personal history, including your motivation for going to school, so we have an idea of how to best serve you. This customized, personal approach can make a big difference.

3. We answer your questions and concerns. We encourage you to write down your career goals, along with any questions and concerns, before you contact Grantham. That way, we can address your specific needs on the spot. Maybe you want to know more about the benefits of learning online, how you can apply for scholarships or what job opportunities you can pursue with a certain degree. We have all of those answers and more.

4. We help you find the right program. Some students know the type of career they want, but don’t know how to get there. Others aren’t sure which path is right for them. We’re here to tell you that’s OK! Grantham has more than 50 degree and certificate programs we can help you choose from, based on your goals, strengths and interests. You may even find an opportunity you never considered before!

5. We offer monthly starts and extensive student resources. In today’s busy world, students require more flexibility than the traditional two-semester model. Grantham’s courses start monthly (even in summer and winter), so you can continuously be moving forward. Plus, the resources to help you succeed in class and after you graduate, are plentiful. Student advisors provide guidance, help you set goals and celebrate achievements. Instructors are accessible when you have questions. We’re all about ensuring your success.

Additional Benefits of the Grantham Experience

Grantham works to provide you the tips and tools you need to thrive in the classroom and on the job. If you’re an active duty or veteran military student, we also want to help you find success in the civilian world. Here are some concrete examples from our overall approach to student support:

Succeeding in Class. Grantham sets the stage with GU101, the first course every student takes. It’s an introduction to the online learning environment in which you look at your own skills and behaviors, and integrates activities to prepare you for academic achievement. There’s also the Student Success Partner (SSP) program, which lets you build a personal support team – friends, family, mentors – to keep you on track and celebrate your successes. (A student advisor can get you started.)

The road may at times get rough, but we don’t want you to struggle. So, we offer personal tutoring, live chat sessions, webinars and more. Some assistance is even available 24/7 online on a dedicated site.

Succeeding in your Career. Your journey with Grantham University doesn’t end when you earn a degree. Our Career Services professionals are here for you during your studies and long after you graduate, with one-on-one assistance to improve your resume, boost your social media presence and start building a professional network. From the comprehensive Career Launch program, to the Career Booster webinar series, the goal is to help you leverage your degree and experience for career success.

Succeeding as a Civilian. Grantham was founded by a WWII veteran almost 70 years ago with the intent to transform the lives of service members returning to the civilian world. We now educate students from all walks of life, but our original mission of serving and supporting our military population has not changed. Whether you’re active duty, a veteran or a military spouse, you need an education that works with your unique lifestyle.

Grantham offers reduced tuition, complimentary textbooks/software, scholarship opportunities and help understanding military benefits such as TA, VA and MyCAA … among a variety of other specialized support military students can expect while enrolled. Veterans, active duty and their spouses can look to our Veteran Support Team (VST) for multiple resources.

Now that you know what to expect when enrolling at Grantham University, you can reach out to admissions to get started. We’ll answer your questions, address your concerns and jump right into the application process. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to earning a college degree at an accredited school where your success is our top priority!