information managementLook at your phone or computer. Think about how much information it has stored. Do you use apps or programs to track your finances? Do you use a computer at work for communication or to organize information?

Your answers are probably yes, because nearly every individual and business relies on technology to process and store information, whether it’s personal data, financial information or simple communication. And it’s important that the data is correct and easily accessible.

The increasing reliance on technology has created a large employment market that is constantly looking for experienced workers. In an article about the rising need for information management and the increase in related degree programs, highlights that students need to gain more than just computer skills from their degree program, but also technical, leadership and business skills.1

Here are three reasons Grantham University’s entirely online Information Technology Master of Science program may be the best step if you want a career in information management:

1. Master Applicable Skills Companies Want

Information technology jobs require a demonstrated knowledge of computer skills, so many programs focus on the following:2

• Systems Analysis and Design
• Fundamentals of computer systems
• Information security
• Strategic management

Grantham’s Information Technology Masters curriculum trains you in all of this and more, so you can graduate prepared for a wide range of career information management roles.

In a recent article about the current top requirements for hiring managers in information technology, one of the current, most sought-after skills is project management.3 At Grantham, three core classes focus solely on project management, so you have the necessary experience to develop this important industry skill.

These courses highlight techniques to plan and manage projects as well as how to project total costs and apply risk management concepts. All the courses include real-life exercises, so you are prepared for the responsibilities crucial to success in information management.

There is another area of technical knowledge and skills that employers want candidates to be well-versed in: networks. An article on the six skills you need to get hired in the technological field states, “Lacking knowledge about networks can be a red flag to potential employers.”4

That is why Grantham provides you with the opportunity to gain useful experience related to network systems, data communications and telecommunication services.

2. Work with New and Emerging Technology

Technology is constantly changing. Companies come out with different programs and devices on a frequent basis, and as you pursue an information technology career, it’s necessary to keep up with industry changes.

At Grantham, you will take a class specifically focused on recent advances in technology. This doesn’t mean you just study the newest and coolest tablet. No – you analyze changes in information processing and discuss how the changes can affect or improve different business operations. Classes also teach you about new hardware, software development and techniques used for computer networking.

Online classes also familiarize students with electronic businesses, or e-businesses. An e-business completes all daily functions over the internet or a network.5 Businesses have to monitor their online information closely, and it requires extensive knowledge of relevant e-tools. Those working in information management maintain and examine business systems, as well as create more efficient ways to fit the company’s needs.

Want to learn about state-of-the-art technology? Grantham’s online Information Technology Master of Science program is a great place to start!

3. Convenient, Flexible and Personalized Pace

Grantham knows many people can’t take a lot of time away from busy schedules to sit in a classroom. That’s why a 100% online Master of Science degree program in Information Technology is a convenient option for working adult students.

With comprehensive material, applicable experience and personalized convenience packed into 37 core credit hours, classes are specifically geared to train you for real-life scenarios and help you gain competitive technical skills to advance your career.

You don’t even have to wait very long for the next term. New courses begin every month, so the journey to your Master of Science degree is ready to start when you are.

Ready to Advance Your Information Management Career?

Grantham’s Information Technology Master of Science program is constructed to provide you with applicable experience and skills that will help as you go after the next chapter in your career.

Apply today and be one step closer to advancing your career!

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