Tips for Saving Money While in SchoolIf you’re like many working adults, single moms or military personnel considering their next professional step through higher education, you may be understandably concerned about costs. You might ask, “How will I pay for school? Do I qualify for financial aid or scholarships? How else can I save money while in school?” These are important questions — all of which can be resolved with smart planning and a few simple tips.

First of all, there is good news. You can save money as you earn your undergraduate or graduate degree online at Grantham University. We’ll discuss that in this blog post, and we’ll offer some long-term savings strategies you can use to build your safety net, vacation fund or child’s college education account.

Student Discounts Can Generate Big Savings

Student discounts are one of the most overlooked opportunities to save money while going back to school. All types of businesses offer student discounts for goods and services that aren’t necessarily related to education, such as clothing, restaurants, electronics, phones, and computer software. These savings can really add up.

Auto insurance is another area in which you may be able to save money. Check with your insurance provider about possible student discounts, as some providers reward students who attain certain GPAs. Many of your favorite entertainment venues (sports arenas, museums, movie theaters and such) may also offer student discounts. For example, see these 51 best student discounts from Business Insider.

Rent, Rather than Buy, your Textbooks

Textbook costs can be a financial burden on students. Before you fork over your hard-earned cash, look into your options. Options such as Grantham’s ebooks, which can be a huge saving over traditional books which covers these items for students who qualify.

Did you know you can rent textbooks? Services such as Chegg and Amazon have such options, and this could save you up to 90 percent. This makes sense for most courses, but if you think you may need certain books for later reference, look for used copies to purchase at discounted rates.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Every Learner

Grantham offers financial aid, as well as various scholarship opportunities — including those for nursing students and government employees. If you’re an eligible military student currently using military Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the university��s Commander Everett Alvarez, Jr. Resilience Scholarship. It provides up to $1,000 annually toward you earning your Grantham degree.

Our university has a nearly 70-year history of supporting military service members, veterans, and their families, so we know a thing or two about keeping education costs affordable. We suggest taking a look at the details around Grantham’s continued commitment to these groups of students.

Save Money with Online Degree Programs

Are you a stay-at-home parent who wants to earn a degree while your kids nap and play? Are you a working professional who wants to take the next step, but who doesn’t have time to attend a brick-and-mortar college? Grantham has more than 50 completely online degree and certificate programs, designed with these kinds of busy, modern lifestyles in mind.

The university’s online learning format can result in savings for students. For instance, the cost of commuting and parking, whether you drive or take public transportation, can add up. This expense is eliminated at Grantham, since you never have to step foot on campus. If you have or need a part-time or full-time job, online learning allows you to be more flexible with your work schedule, which can open doors to employers who need workers for unconventional shifts.

And when you start to add in the additional costs of living in a dorm, paying for meal plans in a brick-and-mortar college environment … well, the decision to pursue a quality education online instead starts to look like a far more convenient and affordable option.

Budgeting Basics and Keeping Things Practical

Don’t forget about some very basic ways you can save money. Once you determine your options to pay for school, create a simple budget. List your current bills and expenses, and look for opportunities to limit (or eliminate) unnecessary purchases. By enrolling in automatic payments, you can avoid frustrating expenses such as late fees from overlooked bills.

Establish an entertainment budget and watch how much you dine out. You can save quite a lot of money just by cooking more meals at home. And while you’re in school, don’t apply for new credit cards. While it may be tempting, it can create unintended, mounting debt — something you don’t want, especially if you’re also relying on student loans.

Set the Stage for your Future at Grantham University

So, as we’ve discovered here, you can indeed save money while earning your degree. You just need to do the research, create some sensible plans and follow through. There are many students like you who are juggling careers, family and other responsibilities. With Grantham’s approach to online education, you can move forward professionally without pausing your personal life or taking on a ton of debt to pay for school.

Request information to learn more, and one of our admissions experts will get back with you to discuss why Grantham University may be the perfect fit for you.