Top 5 Benefits of Earning Your Degree Online at GranthamWith more than 6.3 million students taking classes online in the United States, according to this report, online education is quickly becoming more than just an acceptable way of learning — it’s becoming preferred.

Today’s traditional universities weren’t designed to serve non-traditional students. They lack flexibility in scheduling, offering certain courses only during the day when prospective adult learners are typically at work. These universities also provide limited personal attention. Lecture halls packed to the brim with hundreds of students are common in large brick-and-mortar universities.

Plus, the cost will vary, but admission (especially at an out-of-state school) won’t come cheap at these traditional colleges. These are all issues that can affect your ability to earn a degree and pursue your dream career.

With all courses completely online, and with a highly diverse student population, Grantham University believes education should enhance your life — not get in the way of it. That’s why our faculty and staff take such a student-centered approach, to minimize obstacles and maximize quality learning.

You do your part by working hard to earn your degree; we do ours by providing you an exceptional experience that we hope leads to an amazing career. Here are the top five benefits of earning your degree at Grantham:

  1. Accessibility: You may not be available to sit in an on-ground classroom and listen to a lecture at a set attendance time. But with online learning, you can study and attend class when it’s convenient. Whatever your schedule, wherever you are in the world, if you have a computer and internet connection, you can attend college online — while balancing work, family and other responsibilities. Even if you travel for business or deploy on active duty military service, you can take your classroom with you. As a Grantham student, everything – from your assignments and tests, to tutoring resources and career preparation help – is available online. 
  2. Affordability: According to consumer advocacy group, earning your degree online can save you thousands of dollars. As an online student, the costs of commuting, parking and even child care do not apply. Maximizing your transfer credit from life experiences, including military service and corporate training, can also save you money (and time) by reducing the number of courses you need to graduate. Grantham offers a lower tuition rate than 95 percent of other private/for-profit institutions, as well as various grants, scholarships and programs for our military population. We can also help you explore financial aid options. Our goal is to keep your total costs as low as possible.
  3. Flexibility: Once you’ve decided to go back to school, you probably want to begin right away. Grantham streamlines the enrollment process for our monthly starts and eight-week classes. When you contact a member of our admissions team (by phone, online chat or email), he/she will address your concerns, help you choose the right program for your goals and start the application. No SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT or standardized tests are needed for admission. Once you’re in, you can begin your classes in 31 days or sooner.
  4. Availability: Like on-ground students, you’ll study and complete assignments independently, but will also engage with your classmates via course discussion boards. Your instructors are also available to answer questions, and your student advisor is your go to source for pretty much everything — academic planning, support and encouragement, referral to resources and more.
  5. Quality: From the minute you enroll at Grantham, we strive to provide you a high-quality experience throughout your journey. For military service members and veterans, our Veteran Support Team can help you succeed in school and transition into a rewarding civilian career. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Grantham’s various

Take Control of Your Future

In fulfilling a dream, earning a promotion, or making a career change, a college degree is essential. Take control of your future by enrolling at Grantham University. It’s the perfect fit for busy adults like you, and the five benefits in this blog merely touch on what we have to offer. We’re ready when you are.