Computer Science Programs at Grantham University

Computers are everywhere. They are as ubiquitous as they are essential. In homes, in the workplace, in cars, cafeterias and classrooms, we see and use them in all walks of life. But few of us are prepared to leverage their power through an understanding of how computers actually operate. The computer science programs at Grantham University offer a comprehensive examination of the languages, systems and structures that computers rely on to function. From certificates to associate and bachelor’s degrees, these…Read +

You Have a Degree… Now What?

You’ve completed your degree. You’ve got your diploma. You’re ready to take on the world. Now what? The truth is, earning a degree is just the beginning. If you are feeling overwhelmed about what to do next, we can help. The unparalleled support you get at Grantham University doesn’t end when we send you your diploma. We admire the dedication you have shown in earning your degree and improving your career prospects. You had specific goals in mind when you…Read +

Master’s Degrees in Information Technology at Grantham University

Information technology is much more than troubleshooting and support. In a world of constantly evolving tech, experts in information technology are essential to the management of information, the development and maintenance of systems, and to guiding change. Grantham University recognizes how critical these roles are across all industries – and that students must be prepared not only for the information technology of today, but for the continued evolution of tech tools and processes of tomorrow. That’s why Grantham’s College of…Read +

Special Tuition Rates for Civil Servants and First Responders

Are you a first responder or civil servant who wants to deepen your knowledge? Expand your skill set or prepare for a promotion? Even if you’ve already begun your career, earning a degree (or maybe a second degree) can enhance your opportunities and lead to a more fulfilling professional experience. Grantham University recognizes the sacrifices that all civil servants, first responders and military personnel make to serve their communities. That’s why the degree and certificate programs at Grantham offer flexible…Read +