The Quick Guide to Enrollment at Grantham University

You know the value of a college education and what a degree could mean for your future – a better-paying position or perhaps even an entirely new career path, more stability for your family … the list goes on. At Grantham University, we believe nothing should hold you back from creating the life you want. That’s why we’ve made the enrollment process as easy as possible. Grantham’s online academic programs are convenient and flexible, without compromising on quality. Eight-week courses…Read +

10 Life Hacks for Online Students to Make Learning Successful

Home is where the heart is and also where our favorite distractions live. (Netflix marathon, anyone?) These shiny things can easily take away our attention and motivation to be productive. As an online student, you may find studying at home is challenging. You may even feel disconnected from your instructors and peers. But there’s good news, which we’ve outlined below in the form of 10 simple student life hacks. These tips will help you stay engaged, on track and ready…Read +

Managing Summer Courses With Kids at Home

Every parent knows how hard it can be to finish even the simplest tasks with kids at home during summer break. At Grantham University, there are many stay-at-home moms and dads who juggle watching their children with their online courses in the summer. Those three months can be tough for student-parents. Kids get bored and want attention. Fortunately, experience has taught us some handy tips for keeping kids occupied while Mom or Dad get much-needed study time. If you’re considering…Read +

5 Reasons to Love Grantham University’s Online Tutoring Service

It’s the night before your English paper is due, and the friend who usually looks over your work is too busy cramming for a math exam. You glance at your phone — it’s panic o’clock. Your sitter canceled, and now your scheduled study time has been replaced by reading ‘Goodnight, Moon’ for the 100th time. Looks like you’ll be burning the midnight oil … again. No need to stress. Grantham University has you covered by providing access to, a…Read +