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How to Transfer GI Bill Benefits to Dependents

The release of the Post 9/11 GI Bill3 provided military personnel with access to better educational benefits than they previously received. Innovative features in the bill included a housing allowance paid directly to students, as well as allowing service members the ability, and option, to transfer GI Bill benefits to their dependents. The option to set aside GI Bill education benefits for a spouse or children was likely the single most popular option of the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Unlike…Read +

Great Companies Believe in Statistical Thinking

Have you ever wondered why big companies such as Apple, GE, Google, Target, Starbucks, hedge funds and banks, and many others hire individuals with a background in engineering, physics, mathematics, or chemistry to run their businesses? The answer is simple – statistical thinking. What is statistical thinking? For one, it enables us to recognize that our views, observations, and understandings of the world can never be one hundred percent correct. There is always some degree of uncertainty. People who think…Read +

3 Unexpected Reasons Why a Liberal Arts Education is Worth Pursuing

Do you dream of walking across the stage and receiving your college degree? But are you afraid your dream will fall flat because you can’t quite decide which degree program to pursue? You would like to work in information technology, but the thought of coding websites overwhelms you. You can see yourself working in the business world, but management is not your passion. So, you’re left somewhere in-between, feeling like you can’t commit to one specific degree program, right? Wrong.…Read +

Study Tips for Online Learning Success

So there you are, hitting the internet in search of some study tips for online learning – a magic bullet (or two or three) that will help you master the course material, get good grades, earn your degree and advance your career. Nothing wrong with that. Except the magic part. There is no single magic key to study success. Case in point: My kids. My son figured it out in the second grade. He realized that the sooner he finished…Read +

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