Why I Love APA Style, and Why You Should, Too

It all started with comic books. I was a voracious reader of Marvel and DC comics. In addition to brightly colored, spandex-clad heroes with incredible powers, they introduced me to another concept which has proved indispensable to my life: citing sources. They didn’t use APA Style, or its well-known alternatives, MLA or Chicago Style. But they did connect what was happening in the story to what had gone before through footnotes. In the heat of a battle with super-villains, for…Read +

Wondering How to Be a Better Student? Here Are Five Tips

Not everyone has the opportunity to be a full-time student. It’s often easy for your job and other obligations to get in the way of studying, so it’s important to prepare early to make things easier on yourself when the going gets tough. You might be wondering how to be a better student. If that’s the case, we can help. Here are five tips to become a better student: 1. Read the syllabus! Step one for how to be a…Read +

Scholarships for Online Students Do Exist at Grantham University!

 Have you always dreamed of going to college, but lacked the funds to do so? Are you more interested in an online education either by preference or necessity? Are you currently enlisted in the military? Luckily, there are scholarships for online students out there, so you can access the financial assistance you need to pursue a degree and advance your career. Below are some scholarships with upcoming deadlines at 100% online Grantham University, consistently ranked as one of the best…Read +

Keep Summertime Distractions from Derailing your Studies

School’s out for summer! Well, maybe for children, and even for many traditional college students … but not for you. You still have work to do. But the kids want to go to the pool, you’ve planned a vacation trip and yet you still have school assignments to complete. What is a 100% online college student to do?! If you’re still working and your schedule is the same, then your summer routine shouldn’t be much different. But if you’re home…Read +

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