5 Reasons to Love Grantham University’s Online Tutoring Service

It’s the night before your English paper is due, and the friend who usually looks over your work is too busy cramming for a math exam. You glance at your phone — it’s panic o’clock. Your sitter canceled, and now your scheduled study time has been replaced by reading ‘Goodnight, Moon’ for the 100th time. Looks like you’ll be burning the midnight oil … again. No need to stress. Grantham University has you covered by providing access to Tutor.com, a…Read +

Why am I Taking these Courses? Taoist Approach to Education Offers Answers

Countless articles, books and seminars exist that claim to know secrets to motivating people. Sports teams use motivational speakers and coaches to give pep talks before games. Colleges and universities offer courses on motivation, while business summits feature speakers devoted to holding the keys to motivation and success. Instead of boring you with “can-do” catch phrases or showering you with false praise to get you to perform better, let’s explore a less traditional, but valuable approach to motivation by looking…Read +

Fall Back into Class. Spring Forward in Your Career: 5 Reasons Fall is Ideal for Going Back to School

“Fall back” is a saying often used to remind us to set our clocks back an hour when Daylight Saving Time expires. It’s a play on words, using “fall” as both the time of season when clocks are set back, and the reminder of which direction to move the time. Typically, you’ll hear the full directive as “Spring forward, fall back.” We officially entered fall on Sept. 22 – the Autumnal Equinox - but Daylight Saving Time won’t end until…Read +

Library Resource Center Brings Big Benefits to Online Students

Linda Catlin has been the Librarian and Resource Specialist at Grantham University for about nine years now. In that time, she has seen GU’s Library Resource Center change and grow — within the past couple years perhaps more than ever. So, we figured it was the perfect time to catch up with Linda to chat about Grantham’s newer library offerings, as well as to highlight some of the overall benefits of these resources for students who have yet to discover…Read +

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