You Have a Degree… Now What?

You’ve completed your degree. You’ve got your diploma. You’re ready to take on the world. Now what? The truth is, earning a degree is just the beginning. If you are feeling overwhelmed about what to do next, we can help. The unparalleled support you get at Grantham University doesn’t end when we send you your diploma. We admire the dedication you have shown in earning your degree and improving your career prospects. You had specific goals in mind when you…Read +

Master’s Degrees in Information Technology at Grantham University

Information technology is much more than troubleshooting and support. In a world of constantly evolving tech, experts in information technology are essential to the management of information, the development and maintenance of systems, and to guiding change. Grantham University recognizes how critical these roles are across all industries – and that students must be prepared not only for the information technology of today, but for the continued evolution of tech tools and processes of tomorrow. That’s why Grantham’s College of…Read +

Give your Social Media a Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home anymore. If you’re looking for a job,  it’s time to do some social media (online presence) spring cleaning. Possible future employers are looking at social media before making a decision to hire. And current employers are checking employee’s social media to see if there is anything that might go against company policy or looks questionable. According to a Career Builder survey, “more than half of employers have found content on social media that…Read +

Spotlight on the Grantham University Career Services Department

Earning your degree isn’t only about expanding your knowledge: it’s about preparing for a career in your field of interest after graduation. Grantham’s most important mission is student success, and helping students prepare for their next steps after graduation is no exception. The Grantham University Career Services Team is dedicated to supporting students and alumni like you at each step of your career path. From helpful webinars and information sessions to individual assistance and professional development, there is a robust…Read +