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5 Social Media Tips to Help You Land a Great Job

Social media has become intertwined in how we go about our everyday lives. It’s everywhere … affecting the ways we interact with friends and family, and even how we tackle job searches. In fact, as you get closer to starting your career, or maybe pursuing a new field entirely, you’ll find social media can be a very useful professional tool with some great advantages. Social platforms — and we’re talking about more than just LinkedIn — can make job postings…Read +

Great Companies Believe in Statistical Thinking

Have you ever wondered why big companies such as Apple, GE, Google, Target, Starbucks, hedge funds and banks, and many others hire individuals with a background in engineering, physics, mathematics, or chemistry to run their businesses? The answer is simple – statistical thinking. What is statistical thinking? For one, it enables us to recognize that our views, observations, and understandings of the world can never be one hundred percent correct. There is always some degree of uncertainty. People who think…Read +

Want to Avoid Tax Season Troubles? Consider this Advice

We live in a world of seasons. Follow sports? You’re probably aware baseball season is just underway. Hungry? You’ll likely find some seasonal menu offerings at a local restaurant. Staying in tonight and relaxing? Perfect, because season five of your favorite TV show is now on Netflix. And then there’s this, an article I just read warning Chicago area pet owners about the growing problem of wild coyotes in the city.1 Seems the animals can be quite hostile and territorial,…Read +

5 Great Ways to Build Meaningful Mentor Relationships

Recently, I attended a conference on leadership development and the focus was on mentoring the next generation. I was really impressed by this panel of senior leaders and how they defined mentor relationships. I also enjoyed their explanations of techniques to mentor the next generation of leaders. The wheels in my mind started turning and I realized there are so many ideas targeted toward what a mentor should do for their mentee … but what about the mentee? And what…Read +

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