The 10 Hottest Information Technology Skills for 2013

It's not difficult to see why Information Technology is one of the most popular online degrees: It's a secure field. With the growing popularity of the Internet for school, work and play, the demand for IT professionals isn't going anywhere but up. It pays well. The median annual salary for the eight computer and IT positions listed on the latest Occupational Outlook Handbook is $75,610. Many online students have an interest in technology that stems from their military background, where they became familiar with…Read +

6 Most Popular Careers for Military Spouses

Not too long ago, the Grantham University blog explored how online learning was a perfect fit for military spouses. The flexibility and portability of an online degree program allows military spouses to continue their studies, uninterrupted, in the event of frequent relocations. This fluid process enables military spouses to obtain their degree in a timelier manner. After graduating, the next step for many online students is looking for a new job and sometimes changing career paths. There are currently 350,000 spouses of active-duty service…Read +

5 Positive Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

In many ways, job interviews are like first dates. A steady jolt of nervousness runs up and down your body as you prepare for a meeting that's a bit outside of your comfort zone. Naturally, you hope the individual on the other side of the table takes an interest in you. Preparation is paramount for this meeting. Your ice-breaker questions are fresh in your mind, your outfit is carefully chosen and maybe even dry-cleaned, your breath smells like Listerine, and…Read +

15 Keys to Human Resources Professionals Being Successful

Human Resource Management professionals are often responsible for overseeing a company's culture and leadership. But they do much more than that. They also play an integral role in the training, assessment and rewarding of employees, in addition to ensuring the organization remains compliant with employment and labor laws. Have you thought about an online degree in Human Resource Management? In order to move up the chain of command, professionals should know the ins and outs of what it takes to survive…Read +