Wise Words from the Founder of Modern Nursing

Editor's Note: Grantham University honors the self-sacrifice and expertise of the modern nursing community. We're proud to serve their educational needs with seven nursing-related educational programs in our College of Nursing and Allied Health. In recognition of their caring spirit and place in our lives, we look back to the one who started it all in this blog republication.  "Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation as…Read +

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Editor's Note: Grantham University is taking a moment to acknowledge the tremendous contribution a military spouse makes all year long by republishing timely advice from a veteran Air Force spouse. One day of appreciation is not nearly adequate enough; nevertheless, we thank you.  As I write this, I’m camping out on the floor of a mostly-empty house. It's the latest of many international moves I’ve made with my husband over the last few years. Where the Air Force sends us, we go. Before…Read +

Grantham Gives Back to Hillcrest Transitional Housing of KC

Think about your life for a moment. Think about the simple necessities that we all often take for granted: a roof over your head ... food in your refrigerator ... clothes in your closet ... a vehicle to get you to and from your everyday activities. These are the normalcies that we don’t typically think of because they have been constants our entire lives, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Earlier this month, a team from Grantham University’s Admissions…Read +

How to Successfully Navigate the Online Classroom

Though it’s been many years since I completed my last degree, I can still feel the butterflies ... er, thrill I used to experience every year when the fall semester arrived. I loved the process of preparing to get back into the swing of learning, stocking up on classroom necessities like new markers, pencils and note pads to help get mentally engaged. But how do you prepare for the challenge of attending school when the classroom, supplies and resources aren’t…Read +

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