Getting Your Voice Out There: Self-Publishing with Greg Gildersleeve

Greg Gildersleeve’s career aspirations were bold as a child. If he’d had his choice, he would be playing hard rock guitar for a band. His sources of inspiration as a kid included Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship, The Beatles, Deep Purple and The Guess Who. Sadly, a musical career was not in the cards for Gildersleeve. Luckily, he had another passion, which he was able to translate into a more stable and lucrative career path. Gildersleeve began using his extensive imagination to…Read +

The Where, How and Why of Facial Recognition Software

If you’ve used Facebook to share photos with your social circle in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed changes in the way your friends are “tagged”— recognized by name within your pictures on the social media site. Before, you would click a face on the photo and type in a name. Now, Facebook does most of the legwork for you, using a form of technology known as facial recognition software. What was science fiction material at the start of…Read +

Profiling Carol Pugh: Foundations Faculty Member and Lifelong Learner

Grantham University prides itself on hiring versatile, passionate faculty, many of whom are continuing their educations themselves. We spoke with Carol Pugh, a Foundations Faculty member in general education, a military veteran and a self-professed gamer girl — who’s preparing to defend her doctoral dissertation later this year — for her perspective on prioritizing learning no matter your background or busy lifestyle. Grantham University: Tell us about your own education. Carol Pugh: I have a Bachelor of Science in Education,…Read +

Once a Military School, Always a Military School: Grantham’s History in Higher Ed

When Grantham University was founded in 1951 by World War II Veteran Donald Grantham, it was called the Grantham Radio License School and had only one campus in Los Angeles. In Grantham’s 66 years in higher education, what started as a small institution for military service members and adult learners alike turned into a fully-accredited, 100% online university. Now, Grantham offers more than 50 degree and certificate programs in four different colleges: The College of Engineering and Computer Science; the…Read +

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