Once a Military School, Always a Military School: Grantham’s History in Higher Ed

When Grantham University was founded in 1951 by World War II Veteran Donald Grantham, it was called the Grantham Radio License School and had only one campus in Los Angeles. In Grantham’s 66 years in higher education, what started as a small institution for military service members and adult learners alike turned into a fully-accredited, 100% online university. Now, Grantham offers more than 50 degree and certificate programs in four different colleges: The College of Engineering and Computer Science; the…Read +

Get to Know Grantham’s Military Spouse of the Year

In her nearly 17 years of service as an active duty Air Force member, Del Rio, Texas, resident Jessica Fleurimond said she could not have done her job without her husband, Adam Fleurimond, by her side. Adam’s devotion to Jessica earned him the title of Grantham University's Military Spouse of the Year —announced on Friday, May 12. The couple, who met at a wedding, became involved in each other’s lives, providing support and compassion through the ups and downs of…Read +

What makes a university military-centric?

Editor’s Note: The following article was published in the April edition of the Military Advanced Education and Transition magazine. The article highlights Grantham University’s faculty training and its positive impact on the military student experience. As universities experienced in helping military learners have discovered … the unique attributes of service members and veterans make them prime candidates for success in the classroom. Their hectic lifestyles often require quick shifts in priorities – demands that can prove challenging in sticking with…Read +

Growing Up Military

Editor’s note: April is the Month of the Military Child. This awareness month was established to underscore the important role children play in the military community. In the following blog post, Grantham University’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President shares some of her memories growing up as a military child. Growing up military has its own unique rhythms, tempo and traditions, and instills in kids a valuable and unique set of life skills. Not having one permanent home for…Read +

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