5 In-Demand, Portable Careers for Military Spouses

As a military spouse, you manage a lot of responsibilities and uncertainties. Erratic schedules and PCS mean that your life can change at a moment’s notice. This can make pursuing higher education and a career difficult. Because Grantham University was founded by a veteran — and has since helped countless military families earn their degrees — we understand your specific needs and challenges. Grantham’s more than 50 online programs were designed to be completed anywhere, anytime, and encompass fields that offer…Read +

Demystifying and Applying Your Military Education Benefits

Almost 70 years ago, a military veteran founded Grantham University with the intent to support his fellow veterans in their educational pursuits. Today, Grantham is still a military-friendly school, educating active duty service members, veterans and military families alike. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve those who serve, with in-demand degree and certificate programs, excellent support services and ways to help our military students maximize their tuition assistance and VA benefits. Grantham keeps costs low for these…Read +

10 Reasons to Earn a Degree for Your Post-Military Career

As a military service member, you may ask yourself, “Where do I go from here?” Whether you’re a few years or a few months away from your military exit, it’s never too early or too late to prepare for your future as a civilian employee. If you’re a military veteran, you already have a slight advantage over the rest of the workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in July 2018 that the veteran unemployment rate in June was…Read +

3 Major Benefits for Grantham University Military Students

More than 67 years ago, a veteran founded Grantham University (then known as the Grantham Radio License School) with the express intent to transform the lives of transitioning military service members through education. Today, Grantham is still one of the few schools specializing in distance learning (online) for those affiliated with the military (active-duty service members, veterans, military spouses and dependents). Year after year, the university is ranked among the country’s top military-friendly schools, including its recent appearance on 2018…Read +