Balancing Career and School (Academic Tips)

Working full-time and taking a full course load can feel overwhelming. It makes you wonder how you will get everything done without neglecting either your career or your schoolwork? While continuing your career as you work full time isn’t easy, it also isn’t impossible. It doesn’t have to cause ulcers or sleepless nights. At Grantham University, our goal is to help you achieve your goals, even the difficult ones. If you’re taking a full course load and working full time,…Read +

Don’t Overlook Tuition Reimbursement

Paying for college is one of the biggest obstacles for many students, but many programs exist to help with the cost. You probably already know about scholarships and loans, but if you’re pursuing a degree while also working a full-time job, you may have another avenue open to you – employer tuition reimbursement. Students are often unaware of this valuable benefit, but according to a 2018 survey, more than 90% of U.S. employers offer some type of tuition assistance. Tuition…Read +

Learn to overcome. Stay positive and keep going. (Student Interview)

‘It’s not in how a man falls. It’s in how he gets up.’ 80-year-old student offers encouragement to persist, even when challenged the most. Spend just a few minutes talking with Joan Zeigler, and you’ll soon realize exactly why she is a source of inspiration to so many. Active in her Greensboro, N.C., community, Joan teaches Sunday school, plays three instruments as a church musician, and is a full-time care taker for her son, who is paralyzed on one side,…Read +

The Power of Persistence

When you start something new, like pursuing an online degree, the first steps are exciting. You can’t wait to learn new things that will open up new opportunities. But earning your degree doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process that takes commitment and work. Trying to balance family, a job and classes simultaneously can be daunting. With grit, determination and the right program, however, you can reach your goal. The reward is worth it. Sometimes along the journey you need…Read +