5 Steps to Stay in Class when your Tuition Assistance Runs Out

It’s the end of the government fiscal year. Your military tuition assistance (TA) is either exhausted, or close to it … and won’t be replenished until the new fiscal year begins in October. But, you still have classes to take to finish earning your degree! And you don’t want to rely on student loans or take the next two months off waiting for your TA. What can you do? You don’t want a break. We don’t want you to take…Read +

Homeland Security Meets Positivity: Introducing Steve Mason

Think back to some of the best teachers you ever had. What were some of the qualities they shared? They probably had a passion for the subject they taught, showed their students they genuinely cared about them, encouraged open communication and pushed their students to achieve new heights through challenging, but constructive, feedback. As a bonus, maybe those standout teachers also had a knack for making learning fun. All of these qualities describe what Grantham University Criminal Justice faculty member…Read +

Developing your Time Management Skills with Nancy Hill

Grantham University establishes a level playing field in education. How? With experienced faculty members, such as Nancy Hill, who is an expert in her field and is passionate about helping students succeed. And a lot of that success, Nancy says, is found through the level of dedication students apply to earning their degree … along with, of course, building some solid time management skills. Hill is a faculty member for the College of Engineering and Computer Science. With 28 years…Read +

A Face Behind-the-Scenes at Grantham University: Meet Rashaad Wright

There are many moving pieces that keep Grantham University a well-oiled machine that allows students to pursue a degree and advance their career. Among these moving pieces — are staff and faculty members, who not only work directly with students, but who also help those teaching do their jobs better. Those behind-the-scenes staff members may include someone who implements new software to enhance the learning experience, or possibly someone who helps students plan their course schedule. Rashaad Wright, a systems…Read +

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