Library Resource Center Brings Big Benefits to Online Students

Linda Catlin has been the Librarian and Resource Specialist at Grantham University for about nine years now. In that time, she has seen GU’s Library Resource Center change and grow — within the past couple years perhaps more than ever. So, we figured it was the perfect time to catch up with Linda to chat about Grantham’s newer library offerings, as well as to highlight some of the overall benefits of these resources for students who have yet to discover…Read +

Overcoming Obstacles: Erica Acree’s Journey to Online Education

Do you feel like you have too many obstacles standing in the way of your education? Your degree? At Grantham University, students have been able to take advantage of the flexibility and affordability online education provides to move around those, at-times defeating, obstacles. One of those students is Erica Acree. Erica Acree has dealt with the limitations of lupus for many years. And on top of that, she was involved in a car wreck that resulted in short-term memory loss.…Read +

5 Steps To Stay In Class When Your Tuition Assistance Runs Out

It’s the end of the government fiscal year. Your military tuition assistance (TA) is either exhausted, or close to it … and won’t be replenished until the new fiscal year begins in October. But, you still have classes to take to finish earning your degree! And you don’t want to rely on student loans or take the next two months off waiting for your TA. What can you do? You don’t want a break. We don’t want you to take…Read +

Homeland Security Meets Positivity: Introducing Steve Mason

Think back to some of the best teachers you ever had. What were some of the qualities they shared? They probably had a passion for the subject they taught, showed their students they genuinely cared about them, encouraged open communication and pushed their students to achieve new heights through challenging, but constructive, feedback. As a bonus, maybe those standout teachers also had a knack for making learning fun. All of these qualities describe what Grantham University Criminal Justice faculty member…Read +

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