Top 5 Misconceptions About Online Degrees

We use technology for everything these days. From ordering a latte to buying cars to keeping up with friends, everything in our lives seems to have an online component. But, for some reason, going online to earn a degree still makes some people hesitate. At Grantham University, we allow you to further your education on your terms. We believe you should be able to work and attend college without creating chaos in your personal life. And we know that an…Read +

How “The Spirit of Rocky” Helped Veteran Jason Hall Pursue a Degree [Student Profile]

Founded in 1951, Grantham University was “military friendly” before the term existed. Nearly seven decades ago, this school was built for our military heroes, helping them gain the tools they needed to transition into careers in the civilian world. Today, offering one of the lowest tuition rates in the country as well as unique support systems like our dedicated student advisors and our Veteran Support Team, Grantham continues the mission to help students with a military background successfully transition into…Read +

Give your Social Media a Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home anymore. If you’re looking for a job,  it’s time to do some social media (online presence) spring cleaning. Possible future employers are looking at social media before making a decision to hire. And current employers are checking employee’s social media to see if there is anything that might go against company policy or looks questionable. According to a Career Builder survey, “more than half of employers have found content on social media that…Read +

New Year // New Opportunities

Are you thinking about going back to school after the Holidays as part of your New Year’s resolutions? Did you take a break for personal or other obligations? Are you wanting to earn your degree to open the door for more career opportunities?  Whether you took a short break or haven’t taken higher education classes before, it can be difficult to get started. People often don’t enroll because they are afraid of failure or don’t think they can manage school…Read +