What You Can Expect From Your Grantham Student AdvisorHave you struggled with assignments or time management in your online college courses? Have you had concerns about your progress and wondered what you can do to improve? Have you needed an answer to a specific question or problem, but didn’t know where to turn? Your Grantham University student advisor can assist with all of the above and more.

The primary objective of a student advisor (or “SA”) at Grantham is to help you on your journey to graduation and to make sure you have the best online college experience possible. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from your SA.

Meet a Grantham Student Advisor

Grantham student advisor Micah Mitchell has been working in higher education for five years. His own student experience at Sterling College in Kansas inspired him to enter the field and work one-on-one with students.

“A lot of the faculty and staff were willing to take the time to get to know me and encourage me in my studies,” Micah said. “It’s easy to get down on yourself (so) I think it’s really valuable to have someone there just rooting you on.”

Micah believes relationships and support are key to educational success, and as an SA, he aims to form genuine friendships with his students. Getting to know them, and then meeting them at graduation is the most rewarding part of his job, he said. In return, students are able to progress in their programs with the encouragement and guidance they need to achieve their goals.

How Grantham’s SAs Support Students

Once enrolled at Grantham, students are assigned their advisor. As a student, you should expect to hear from your SA by phone, email or text at least every couple weeks, but we also encourage you to reach out to your SA as needed, keep them updated and take a proactive approach to your education. One of the biggest keys to student success at Grantham is keeping those communication lines open! That applies to your SA, as well as your instructors, fellow students and others you encounter during your studies.

Throughout your educational journey, your student advisor will monitor and address your progress — not only in terms of grades and credit hours, but also to determine how involved you are in your online classroom. For example, your SA may reach out to you if you haven’t posted on the discussion board in a while, to discuss any hurdles or personal circumstances that may be affecting your ability to stay engaged in schoolwork.

In addition to his professional position, Micah is also an MBA student at Grantham, which has helped him understand students’ challenges from their perspective.

“I hear from other students about what they liked and didn’t like about the courses, and what they struggled with,” he said. “Being in class makes it a whole lot easier to speak to those struggles and advise (my students).”

Questions your SA Can Answer

The overall goal of every Grantham student advisor is to assist students and guide them to the information they need to succeed. During your check-ins, your advisor will dig into any problems you may be experiencing, and then offer solutions. Your SA is your advocate, supporting you the entire journey, as well as celebrating your “wins” along the way.

If you are struggling with time management, an SA can help you make a schedule that works for your busy lifestyle. If your grades aren’t where you want (or need) them to be, your SA can provide study tips or recommend tutoring and other resources through the Teaching and Learning Center, for example. Though they don’t handle financial aid questions or technical support issues, your SA can point you to all the proper channels.

“We’re here to support students and help them achieve something,” Micah said. “I enjoy helping people during such an important time in their lives and reminding them of why they wanted to do this in the first place.”

Why Wait Another Moment for Your Dreams?

You can earn the degree you’ve been dreaming of with help from Grantham University. Your student advisor and instructors are always available and will do everything they can to ensure you succeed in school and beyond. Plus, our 100 percent online format and monthly start dates make learning accessible, flexible and convenient. It’s never too late to take the next step. It’s all possible with Grantham.

We’re here for your success. And if you have questions, we have answers. Fill out the form on this page, or chat live with our admissions team, to learn more.