human resources career pathYour human resources career path could take you somewhere entirely different than somebody else who is also pursuing human resources. A human resources management degree could give you the skills and knowledge necessary to take your HR career to the next level. With skills pertaining to nearly every industry — private or public sectors — you could work almost anywhere.

Here are a few different positions our Human Resource Management Bachelor of Business Administration degree could lead to upon graduation or later in your career1:

Compensation and Benefits Managers

Compensation and benefits managers plan, develop and oversee the organization of employee compensation. This includes pay, retirement plans, health insurance and other benefits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2015 these managers made a median salary of $111,430.2

Some additional tasks covered by compensation and benefits managers include:
- Determining competitive wages
- Choosing and managing outside partners
- Coordinating and supervising work activities of support staff
- Ensuring that pay and benefits comply with state and federal regulations
- Preparing budgets

Training and Development Specialists

If you are great at working with others and explaining work processes well to trainees, then this human resources career path could be perfect for you. Training and development specialists are in charge of planning, conducting and administering programs that train employees and develop their skills. This position is important to nearly every industry. In 2015, the BLS reported the salary of this position as $58,210.3

Becoming a training and development specialist would require you to do the following:
- Assess training needs
- Design and create training manuals
- Deliver training to employees
- Monitor and evaluate training programs to ensure efficiency
- Select instructors to conduct training

Employment, Recruitment and Placement Specialists

These human resources specialists focus on the hiring process within a company. If your human resources career path takes you in this direction, you will handle tasks involving employee relations. In 2015, employment, recruitment and placement specialists made a median salary of $58,350, according to the BLS.4

These specialists focus on the following aspects of human resources:
- Consulting with employers to identify employee needs
- Interviewing applicants about their experience and skills
- Contacting references
- Informing applicants about job details
- Hiring or referring candidates
- Helping with employee orientation
- Maintaining employment records and paperwork

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Analysts

Do you enjoy the field of human resources, but also have a knack for technology and information systems? Well, this human resources career path has the best of both worlds. HRIS analysts work to determine and implement necessary changes to a company’s HR information systems. Nationally, this position is reported to earn a median salary of $63,916.5

Some HRIS analyst tasks include:
- Planning and developing analyses, reports and presentations
- Creating security models to enforce security access to data
- Assisting in design and development of HRIS
- Analyzing, maintaining and troubleshooting human resource information systems

Employee Assistance Plan Managers

Employee assistance plan managers work to help ensure employees manage their work-life balance. This includes overseeing programs to enhance employee safety and wellness. This human resources career path allows you to pair your management skills with enhancing the opportunities a company can provide to its employees. Employee assistance plan managers typically make between $52,000 and $66,000 per year.6

As an employee assistance plan manager, you will:
- Work to maintain and improve employee health and productivity
- Attract new employees and retain current employees
- Help employees return to work after an illness or injury

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