Faculty Spotlight: Danna Teicheira

Fears and phobias, everyone has them. The one that Danna Teicheira, who teaches English Composition I and II and Survey of American Literature in the College of Arts and Sciences, sees most often is the "fear" of English classes.  Helping her students overcome these fears is one of Danna's specialties. "I enjoy seeing students challenge themselves and gain confidence in their writing skills," she said. "When I read in the final discussion forum that they have overcome that initial feeling…Read +

Faculty Spotlight: Russ Meade

To students new to the world of online learning, the first mental picture associated with attending class might be sitting and staring at a computer screen. If you have Russ Meade as your professor that is one of the last things you will find yourself doing. Russ, a seven year veteran in Grantham’s Mark Skousen School of Business, embraces the technological advances that come along with online learning. Instead of writing an intro letter to post in the classroom, Russ…Read +

Faculty Spotlight: Kristi Paulson Mingus

The largest student population of any college at Grantham University is found in the College of Arts and Sciences. That college is where you'll find the Criminal Justice degree programs and Kristi Paulson Mingus. Kristi, who earned her Juris Doctorate from University of Minnesota Law School and her Master's in Speech Communication from North Dakota State University, has been with Grantham since November 2009. "I love helping people and find that teaching is a valuable way to share and expand…Read +

Alumni Spotlight: Frank Baez

Frank Baez comes from a career military family. His father is a member of the Army and most recently, redeployed from a one year deployment in support of Operation New Dawn. His mother is a full-time concessionaire in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and his brother is currently a freshman at The Citadel.  His family is who he credits for most of his strengths and successes. Frank’s career in the military is full of astonishing stories of dedication and strength; however, to…Read +

Student Spotlight: SSG Lucas Goupil

Grantham University Criminal Justice student, Staff Sergeant Lucas Goupil, was awarded the Staff Sergeant Jimmy D. Haws Research Award during Senior Leaders Course (SLC). The award is named for SSG Haws who was the only Air Defense Artillery soldier fatally wounded during Operation Desert Storm. To be considered, students had to write a research paper examining a battle in history and then reflect on it using battle analysis and methodology. SSG Goupil’s paper was on the War of 1812. Out…Read +

Congratulations Graduates 2011

(January - November 2011) Accounting Bachelor of Science Spencer Franklin Business Administration Associate of Arts Andrew McCleskey Andrew Witt Anissa Hutton Arthur Porter Barry Mayfield Bernard Evans Betty Guthrie Brandon Zemba Brandy Drennan Carlos Harrison Carlos Marquez Christine Wilson Christopher Abban Christopher Cox Clarence Hodges Curtis Smith Damien Gill Dazarene Lescott Eric Anderson Erica Cann Felipe Soto Gerry German Jamie Butler Jared Zufelt JoAnna George Justin Ruggiero Karone Roger Kevin Mayes Kim Barth Kyle Blas Laurinda Nabors Lenworth Griffith Lynn…Read +

Student Spotlight – Lieutenant Forest Kemp

Lieutenant Forest Kemp has served in the U.S. Navy for 17 years, and recently earned his bachelor's degree in Security Management. Now that he had his bachelor's degree checked off his to-do list, it was time for him to tackle the next item – his master's degree. "I wanted to push forward, LT Kemp said, "and maximize the time I have on shore duty to prepare myself for the civilian workforce." To make sure he selected the best program for…Read +

Faculty Spotlight: Karen Hendrix

The Mark Skousen School of Business offers the biggest selection of degree programs at Grantham University. It's also the school where one of Grantham's "upcoming star" faculty members helps her students change their lives for the better. Karen Hendrix (a.k.a. Coach Karen – she's a certified life coach) has only been with the school since last spring, but she's already making a big impact on her students. "Helping individuals get what they want in life and achieve their dreams is…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Shelly Mathis

While passionate about the band, he didn’t have the same motivation and dedication for his studies. His father, his one encouragement to keep going to school, passed away during Shelly’s freshman year. He was for the most part now on his own. During his sophomore year, he decided to return home and eventually enlisted in the US Navy. During his 13th year in the Navy, Shelly decided to revisit his goal of achieving a college degree. Shelly selected Grantham University…Read +

Faculty Spotlight: JoAnn Workman

When Grantham University officially launched its Nursing degree programs in February of 2010, faculty member, JoAnn Workman, was there from the very beginning. With a strong work ethic and positive attitude that was instilled during her childhood, JoAnn has been a great asset to the department. “I was raised in southern Minnesota on a farm with two brothers. My father worked day and often into the night to provide for us,” said JoAnn. “We went to church every Sunday and…Read +