Graduate Spotlight: Shelly Mathis

While passionate about the band, he didn’t have the same motivation and dedication for his studies. His father, his one encouragement to keep going to school, passed away during Shelly’s freshman year. He was for the most part now on his own. During his sophomore year, he decided to return home and eventually enlisted in the US Navy. During his 13th year in the Navy, Shelly decided to revisit his goal of achieving a college degree. Shelly selected Grantham University…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Noel Frias

As Americans, we sometimes take all of our freedoms for granted. The youngest child of eight, Noel Frias, was aware of this freedom at a young age. As a young boy growing up in Manila, Philippines, Frias would watch American commercials on TV and dream about life in America. The happiness and success depicted in the commercials inspired him and shaped his dreams. Eventually, Frias did move to America with his parents. He had the drive to be successful and…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Master Sergeant Lindsey Halley

Master Sergeant Lindsey Halley started her college career traditionally, right after she graduated from high school.  Like a lot of college students, though, she never finished her degree. "I joined the Army, became a wife and mother, traveled and went about the business of living," MSG Halley said. Life kept MSG Halley busy between her family, deployments with the Army Reserves, helping raise her late sister's children, and being a "road warrior" for her civilian job.  Education had been all…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Chief Warrant Two La’Tiki Gray

Chief Warrant Two La'Tiki N. Gray began her education at Grantham University at the same time her son, Jarquarius Peterson, was starting his college education. She decided that now was the time to accomplish a goal she set when she graduated from high school. CW2 Gray has been serving in the Army for 14 years and is a Supply System Technician. She plans to serve our country for another six years and then retire. By the time she retires, she…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Master Sergeant Alen Schulze

Schulze earned an associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree at Grantham Master Sergeant Alen S. Schulze made the decision to pursue a degree eight years ago when he was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. He strongly believes in the importance of an education. Grantham’s Military Scholarship program was his main motivation for enrolling because the scholarship aligned with this tuition assistance funding and included the cost of books and software. However, it quickly became apparent to MSG Schulze…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: First Lieutenant James Frazier

Grantham University graduate, First Lieutenant James Frazier, always knew he would "eventually" complete his education once the money and opportunity arose. "As I started a family, it became even more important to earn my degree," said LT Frazier. He not only wanted to fulfill his goal, but set a good example for his children. It is important to him that his children know that "they can be anything they want to be" and understand the importance of a college education.…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Retired Master Sergeant Richard Krohn

Retired Master Sergeant Richard Krohn like many High School seniors graduated with no definite plans. Shortly after, he joined the Air Force to have a job and this is how his journey to where he is now began. He wasn't planning on making the Air Force a career, but realized that "meaningful work that pays enough to support a family" isn't the easiest thing to come by. When he was ready to retire from the Air Force, he had a…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Chief Master Sergeant John M. Harris (Ret.)

Chief Master Sergeant John M. Harris retired this year from 26 years of service with the Air Force and Air National Guard. He served as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, supporting the 256th Infantry BDE, 20th Special Forces Group, OEF Coalition Forces, and multiple Enhanced Separate Brigades of the Army National Guard. He mobilized in support of OPERATION Desert Storm and deployed in support of OPERATION Enduring Freedom. While serving as the State Command Chief Master Sergeant, the highest enlisted…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Trung Nguyen

Graduate, Trung Nguyen, Traveled from Vietnam to the United States for a Chance at a Better Life Mr. Trung Nguyen, the second of four children, was born in Vietnam in 1972, while North and South Vietnam were still at war. Trung's father was a lieutenant in the Army, who was arrested by the communists and sent to a concentration camp in 1975. Fortunately, he was released after just a few months. As a military family in Vietnam there were not…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Wanda Covington-Ragsdale

Wanda Covington-Ragsdale obtained her "ultimate goal" when she achieved her MBA in Information Management from Grantham University on September 20, 2010.  As a former enlisted member of the United States Air Force, earning this degree took longer than she planned due to frequent moves. Wanda found that each time she relocated, she would have to switch colleges, and sometimes this resulted in losing transfer credits and having to start over. Luckily, she found a solution when she discovered Grantham University. Five…Read +