Graduate Spotlight: Michael Critchlow

Grantham University student, Michael Critchlow, was born in Newark, New Jersey, making him one of the first generations in his family to grow up outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Now working in Washington, DC, Critchlow thinks, "to be competitive you have to be able to match up in person and on paper." He places a great deal of value on a college education and understands that continuing education is the best way to remain competitive in the job market and…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Technical Sergeant Justin Mosley

Iowa native, Technical Sergeant Justin Mosley, graduated from Warsaw High School in Warsaw, Illinois, with an athletic scholarship offer to a state university. TSgt. Mosley declined the scholarship, and instead, decided to serve his country by joining the United States Air Force. While some may think that he didn't make the right choice, his decision did not negatively impact his educational goals. "I decided to get a degree early in my military career so I would set myself up for…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Anastasia Stevenson

Anastasia Stevenson Youngest of 10 Children, First to Earn Degree Anastasia Stevenson, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, is the youngest of 10 children, and the first in her family to receive a college degree. In 2009, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management from Webster University-Saint Louis. But, Stevenson didn't stop there; she continued on in her educational journey and completed her Master of Science degree in Information Management – Project Management with distinction at…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Judy Guy

Grantham University graduate and Air Force Veteran, Judy Guy, was constantly told she was not smart enough to go school. She proved to herself and to those who doubted her that she was not only smart enough to go to school, but to complete her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Grantham University. A victim of sixteen years of abuse, Judy overcame many obstacles to complete her degree. One of the biggest challenges was lack of time. Judy heard…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Charles Diamond

On March 16th, Grantham University held the first of several celebrations honoring the University's upcoming 60th anniversary of providing a high quality online education that is accessible and affordable. The University, which was founded on January 2, 1951, plans to host similar events throughout the year to honor its students and alumni in their local communities. The theme of the 60th Year Celebrations is "Serving Those Who Serve – 60 Years of Excellence. Be a Part of It.". On the…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: Cynthia Greenwood

As a single mother, full-time employee and Grantham University graduate, Cynthia Greenwood is all too familiar with having to overcome obstacles in order to achieve her goals. After making the decision to return to college, Cindy conducted extensive research on what school to attend and what major would be best for her future goals.  As the Finance Director for a remote Arizona mountain community, she felt as if there was something more out there for her.  "I was good at…Read +

Graduate Spotlight: MSG David Jones (Ret.)

Grantham University graduate, Master Sergeant David Jones, recently retired from the United States Army after 20 years of service. Prior to enlisting, Jones earned his associate degree in a traditional classroom environment, but he didn't want to stop there. Earning a bachelor's degree before he retired from the military was a priority, so he could take full advantage of the benefits he received through Army's tuition assistance program. On December 19, 2008, Jones earned his Bachelor of Science in Electronics…Read +