Faculty Spotlight: Karen HendrixThe Mark Skousen School of Business offers the biggest selection of degree programs at Grantham University. It's also the school where one of Grantham's "upcoming star" faculty members helps her students change their lives for the better. Karen Hendrix (a.k.a. Coach Karen – she's a certified life coach) has only been with the school since last spring, but she's already making a big impact on her students.

"Helping individuals get what they want in life and achieve their dreams is what absolutely lights my fire," Coach Karen said. "If that sounds familiar, it's because we do this at Grantham every day with every student we encounter."

Coach Karen, who earned a MBA, a Master's in Clinical Psychology, and her certification with Coach Training Alliance, currently teaches Intro to Business, Foundations of Marketing, Personal Finance and Business and Society. The Midwest native believes that education is life-changing and central to making the world a better place in which to live.

"What I love most about my students at Grantham is that they are grownups in every sense of the word," she commented. "They have demanding jobs, kids to help with homework and get to practice, dinner to fix and then they get to do their homework."

Having been a single parent herself, Coach Karen can relate. She's mother to Denise Klee (whom she considers her best work yet), and "Noni" to Tyler and Landon.

"Sometimes it would be so much easier to just give up," she said, "but our students don't. They keep on going."
When Coach Karen sees her students struggling, she does what she can to inspire them. When her students find their desire to push through the difficult time and succeed, she knows she's made a difference.

"If I could share advice with my students," Coach Karen said, "it would be never, never, never give up. Life requires so much at times that you cannot always be an 'A' student. Just realizing that it will not be the end of the world helps you put things back in perspective. Always ask for help."

With a coach like Coach Karen on their side, students should be able to overcome even the hardest milestones.