Faculty Spotlight on Shaun ManzanoShaun Manzano is a father, husband, college professor, military veteran and a member of Grantham's Fighting Eagle Alumni Association. With his well-rounded background, it is no wonder that Shaun has been a great addition to Grantham University.

Since joining the Business department in August of 2009, Shaun has remained dedicated to his work, students and the Grantham culture. "I was committed to the University as a student," commented Shaun. "The school managed to maintain full operations for their students, including me, during the difficult time with Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I was so impressed; I remained dedicated and graduated with my bachelor's degree. I have come to Grantham to pass on the culture and heritage the University envisions for our past, current and future students."

Currently, Shaun teaches GU100 Student Success, BA101 Introduction to Business, BA250 Personal Finance and BA320 Retail Management at Grantham.

When he isn't teaching, Shaun developed a social network, called "757Empowerment Group" to help prepare young professionals for the industry in his hometown in Hampton Roads, VA. In addition to the 757Empowerment Group, Shaun created Profmanzano.com where students and professionals alike can network, share ideas and learn from each other.

Prior to joining Grantham's faculty, Shaun served 10 years in the Air Force, completed his bachelor's of Business Administration from Grantham University in early 2007, and earned his Master of Business Administration with Jones International University, where he graduated with highest honors in June of 2009. Shaun is currently completing a master's degree in Education which is focused on Corporate Training and Knowledge Management; after this, he plans to enroll in a PhD program by fall of 2011.

With such a strong determination to succeed, Shaun is dedicated to completing his goals, both personally and professionally. Prior to leaving the military in 2007, Shaun had a fear of failing.  However, his many accomplishments prove that those fears are a thing of the past. He states, 'Success comes from many failures, and trials are the pathways that individuals take through their journey of failing."