Faculty Spotlight: Russ MeadeTo students new to the world of online learning, the first mental picture associated with attending class might be sitting and staring at a computer screen. If you have Russ Meade as your professor that is one of the last things you will find yourself doing.

Russ, a seven year veteran in Grantham’s Mark Skousen School of Business, embraces the technological advances that come along with online learning. Instead of writing an intro letter to post in the classroom, Russ shares a video with his students. He then has the students use the video and audiovisual tools available to introduce themselves to the rest of the class. Thanks to Russ’ use of the latest Web 2.0 tools, students in his classes will never find themselves feeling isolated.

“I am constantly seeking ways to improve the learning experience for my students through innovative technologies,” he said. “Students require professors and their classes to be truly cutting edge. Through the very latest technology, my students are now able to see and hear my lectures and each other on their computers, iPods or cell phones.”

In addition to teaching, Russ has developed 22 different business courses for colleges and universities across the US. He has also received grants from Mc-Graw Hill, edited books in Business Law and featured in the magazine Military Advanced Education for his work with online military students.  Though he is incredibly passionate about his work, Russ also loves hiking and traveling the world with his wife, Joan. Sometimes he just so happens to bring the work with him; he has been to over 52 nations and still taught in real-time with his students.

“It is a total joy to teach for Grantham University!” Russ said. “Our students are some of the best in the nation, and it is a fantastic experience to bring them along with me via web conferencing as I travel the world.”