Graduate Spotlight: Judy Guy

Grantham University graduate and Air Force Veteran, Judy Guy, was constantly told she was not smart enough to go school. She proved to herself and to those who doubted her that she was not only smart enough to go to school, but to complete her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Grantham University.

A victim of sixteen years of abuse, Judy overcame many obstacles to complete her degree. One of the biggest challenges was lack of time. Judy heard about Grantham through a friend and thought that she would give it a try, even with her demanding schedule. However, she didn't just try; she was successful and found that Grantham's flexible learning format fit her busy schedule.

Busy may be an understatement when talking about Judy. She owned her own business, worked a full time job and a part time job, all while completing her courses. Judy said that she was kept on track by the frequent emails and calls from Lynn Berry, her Grantham Student Advisor. "She [Lynn] was my cheerleader," stated Judy.

As a result of her hard work and Lynn's cheerleading, Judy accomplished her degree and received a promotion into management. She was able to sell her business and stop working three jobs. "My goal is to bring all I have learned through my education to the people that will someday work for me," stated Judy. One of life's true joys lies in loving what you do. Judy commented, "I love my job as a Training Advisor and Special Projects Manager with the Federal Government."

Judy's accomplishments are inspirational. In addition to her busy lifestyle, she makes time to speak about surviving abuse at high schools and women's shelters. "I want to show them that I am proof that you can survive, get an education, and improve your life," said Judy.

There are sure to be even more accomplishments from this inspirational woman. In the fall, Judy is starting her master's degree with Grantham University. Her advice for students who are starting their educational journey is, "Never give up!" She commented, "I wanted to when it came to courses that I didn't think I would get through, but there was always support from Grantham to help me through it. The flexible schedule that Grantham provides is easy to follow. Distance learning can and does fit anyone's schedule."

Judy is grateful for her education at Grantham University and she is looking forward to the opportunities that will come as a result of earning her master's degree. The staff at Grantham is excited to see what other accomplishments this inspirational woman will achieve during and after her master's.