Graduate Spotlight: Technical Sergeant Justin MosleyIowa native, Technical Sergeant Justin Mosley, graduated from Warsaw High School in Warsaw, Illinois, with an athletic scholarship offer to a state university. TSgt. Mosley declined the scholarship, and instead, decided to serve his country by joining the United States Air Force. While some may think that he didn't make the right choice, his decision did not negatively impact his educational goals. "I decided to get a degree early in my military career so I would set myself up for success in the future," said TSgt. Mosley. With that, he took advantage of the military friendliness and flexibility of Grantham's 100% online degree programs. "I chose Grantham University because of its flexibility with working with students," he commented.  "Online learning was a big bonus for me, because I tend to perform better if I can set my own pace."

TSgt. Mosley is currently stationed at RAF Feltwell, United Kingdom, working as an Airman Leadership School instructor. The flexibility of Grantham's learning platform allowed him to continue what he loves, traveling to and learning about historic places in Europe.

While perusing his undergraduate degree in Information Systems at Grantham, TSgt. Mosley was able to utilize some of his credits from Grantham to achieve two degrees from the Community College of the Air Force. These achievements open the door for future promotions in the Air Force.  But, his greatest accomplishment of all is completing his bachelor's degree online by himself. "Online learning requires discipline and self-motivation and can tell you a great deal about the type of person you are and what you can achieve on your own," said TSgt. Mosley.  "The thing I enjoyed most about distance learning is that I learned more about myself than I would have in a classroom environment."

TSgt. Mosley completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems in July 2010, and he now plans to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree. By continuing his education, TSgt. Mosley is setting a superb example for his family; wife Mary Jo, daughter Olivia, 3 years old, and son Erik, 1 year old.  Research shows that children of college graduates are much more likely to graduate high school, go to college, and have better health and longer life expectancy.

It took TSgt. Mosley six years to earn his bachelor's degree, but, even though it was a long road with some hardships along the way, he just kept going. His advice to others who are thinking about going back to school is "never give up on your degree" and "after you complete one class, enroll in the next; don't let time slip by." TSgt. Mosley feels that "getting your degree is an honor that most people will never have an opportunity to do."

Congratulations, TSgt. Mosley.  We are excited to hear about the amazing accomplishments you achieve during your journey to receiving your master's degree.