Michael CritchlowGrantham University student, Michael Critchlow, was born in Newark, New Jersey, making him one of the first generations in his family to grow up outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Now working in Washington, DC, Critchlow thinks, "to be competitive you have to be able to match up in person and on paper."

He places a great deal of value on a college education and understands that continuing education is the best way to remain competitive in the job market and make it through the current economic situation. He feels there is no need to settle for less in life. "Now that I have earned my degree, I will continue to strive for more," said Critchlow.

Critchlow's battle plan for surviving in this economy is his newly awarded Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Grantham University. Next on his list is to complete his bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice .

Before starting his courses, Critchlow did not know much about Grantham University until he was reviewing a list of top ten military friendly schools. Critchlow said that he even went back a few years on the list and still saw Grantham University listed. Attending a military friendly university was important to him because he spent over two years in Iraq during his eight year career in the Marine Corps as an Administrative Career Counselor.

Critchlow quickly came to love the convenience and flexibility of Grantham‘s distance learning format. "Grantham University provided an opportunity for me to pursue my degree on my own time", he said. His coursework fit into his busy, ever changing military life perfectly. "It is very difficult to be an active duty service member and go to school full time," commented Critchlow. "Just because it is convenient and flexible does not mean it is easy." He enjoys the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with distance learning.

Critchlow, who is well on his way to earning his bachelor's degree, now works for the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Health Affairs as a Programs Manager. We wish him the best of luck in his continued educational pursuits.