Graduate Spotlight: Master Sergeant Lindsey HalleyMaster Sergeant Lindsey Halley started her college career traditionally, right after she graduated from high school.  Like a lot of college students, though, she never finished her degree.

"I joined the Army, became a wife and mother, traveled and went about the business of living," MSG Halley said.

Life kept MSG Halley busy between her family, deployments with the Army Reserves, helping raise her late sister's children, and being a "road warrior" for her civilian job.  Education had been all but forgotten.  It was while she was in Kuwait that a colleague introduced her to Grantham University, and its military-friendly degree programs. MSG Halley was immediately impressed with the curriculum and the convenience of Grantham's online format.

She enrolled and began classes while she was still in Theatre. "I needed to be able to attend class wherever I was, at any time of day or night, and Grantham provided that for me."

One aspect that MSG Halley really enjoyed about her coursework was the challenge it provided. She couldn't wait to get home from work to continue her lessons. "The classes at Grantham are challenging and require discipline. I've found the distance learning, online experience to be much more rewarding than what I experienced in a brick-and-mortar environment."

MSG Halley's degree program allowed her to experience a variety of educational fields. "I interviewed a wildlife biologist, renewed my love for the sciences and philosophy, utilized my creative thinking skills, and became 'the writing queen.' Studying at GU has definitely broadened my horizons!"

Through her dedication and determination, MSG Halley earned her Bachelor's of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies in October 2010.  She is now working toward her Master's of Science in Performance Improvement.  Her aspiration, after retirement from the Army Reserves, is to open a house for "tween" girls who have been adjudicated to the Office of Juvenile Justice. "I have been blessed in my life, and can't wait to return the favor," she commented.

Her dream is one step closer to reality thanks, in part, to a Grantham course. "My business plan is written, I did it as an assignment!"  MSG Halley feels that with the foundation of success she received from Grantham that she has no option but to succeed.

"To potential students who might not be sure if going back to school is the best option, my advice is it's never too late – DO IT," she added. "You will be so fulfilled and proud of your accomplishments. If you are looking for a challenging learning experience where you can apply yourself and be a part of something innovative and enriching, GU is for you."