Graduate Spotlight: Noel FriasAs Americans, we sometimes take all of our freedoms for granted. The youngest child of eight, Noel Frias, was aware of this freedom at a young age. As a young boy growing up in Manila, Philippines, Frias would watch American commercials on TV and dream about life in America. The happiness and success depicted in the commercials inspired him and shaped his dreams.

Eventually, Frias did move to America with his parents. He had the drive to be successful and he knew that education would be a part of how to reach that success.

Frias started pursuing his degree by taking general education classes at a local college in Ventura County, California.  It wasn’t easy, as he faced financial and motivational challenges, like many adult students, and he had to work to overcome them. After changing his major a few times, Frias finally knew the direction he wanted to go in to accomplish his dream: management. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management through the University of Laverne.

After graduation, Frias was reluctant to start school again. For almost two years he wasn’t sure that he wanted to go on to achieve his master’s, especially after the challenges he faced when earning his undergraduate degree. It was then that he found Grantham University.  Frias was surprised by how well distance learning and the flexible course format worked for him. Above all, Frias enjoyed the freedom that distance learning provided.

Frias also commented that Grantham has “the best Academic Advisors you could ever have.”  Grantham’s Student Advisors guide students through their educational journey and support them as they achieve their educational goals.

In 2009, Frias started his courses and graduated in 2011 with his Master of Business Administration degree. He said, “Thank you so much Grantham University for allowing me to obtain my educational dream.” He plans to use his education to advance in his current company. He sees a brighter future in his career with his new credential.

Frias summed up his educational achievement by stating, “I wanted to finish my MBA for career satisfaction and to prove to myself that I could do it, and I did!”